The Denver metal scene loves two things: doom metal derivatives (sludge, stoner) and death metal. Bloodstrike is another one of many death metal acts that are reproducing like bloodthirsty rabbits around the Mile High City. Luckily, these rabbits aren’t pesky but they do want your money, which you should give them. Bloodstrike has released their debut album, In Death We Rot, and are reproducing that old school death metal sound: heavy guitars, moody, gruff vocals, galloping drums and kick ass riffs.

Not playing at break neck speed, Bloodstrike runs circles around you at mid-pace, just keeping heads banging and the fists dutifully pumping. The album from start to finish is just a solid listen, every track just driving hard and heavy. Holly Wedel’s vocals range from dirty and deep to possessed, she’s got the voice for the heaviness of the music. Between the entire band there is a wealth of experience which shows through on how well put together this is. Nothing about it sounds amateur.

Drummer Ryan Bloom was also the drummer on Havok’s 2009 album, Burn. Bassist Rhia Wisniewski has been in close to a dozen bands in the last 20 years. Add in two guitars played by Jeff Alexis and Joe Piker and it makes sense why the album sounds so good and has such a full, rich sound. Hell, Alexis also produced the album. The atmosphere flows from the speakers in songs like “Putrefied Rapist” and I can see why they’ve drawn comparisons to Entombed, Dismember and the Swedish death metal sound: that’s what they got.

As for highlights, “Putrefied Rapist” kicks ass, I really like “Bells of Death,” but my favorite track is “Silent Killer.” That one just does it for me. It’s worth noting that the album wraps up with a cover of Grave’s “Soulless” off the ’94 album of the same name.

In Death We Rot is available now from Redefining Darkness Records.

Best Track: “Silent Killer”