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October 2016

Itchy-O at The Gothic Theatre for “Hallowmass”

Still looking for that perfect Halloween event/party? Want to do something out of the ordinary, yet truly memorable? Your friends at Kvlt of Brewtality have you covered! Itchy-O will be bringing their particular brand of mayhem to The Gothic Theatre on Monday, October 31st for their second annual “Hallowmass”.

Itchy-O is truly beyond description, but here goes. Think of this 32-piece percussion based band, as a marching band straight out of hell. The performers are all clad in black, with masks to boot. What starts out as a piece of dark performance art, quickly evolves into an Continue reading “Itchy-O at The Gothic Theatre for “Hallowmass””


Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist

I’ll admit that the new Khemmis and Darkthrone have been in constant rotation this week. Mostly the new Khemmis. It’s a killer album, from an excellent band from my home town of Denver and they deserve all the praise that’s getting heaped on them. Tonight they’re playing the entirety of the new album for it’s release and you bet I’m going to be there. Alas, the metal cares not for my listening habits and provided some other great albums this week as well, so let’s do this thing…

NEW JAMS: (Click the titles to help your ears)

Darkthrone – Arctic Thunder
Yup, it’s fucking Darkthrone and true to form they’re doing something different on this album. Gone are the long, meandering, more traditional/epic metal anthems of the previous album and in their place are shorter, abbreviated, straight forward, raw metal tracks. It’s not really any kind of specific genre, I guess it’s closer to rawer thrash or speed or the crust stuff with more bite but it’s Darkthrone through and through. Nocturno’s voice gets better with age as he provides all the vocals this time, which is my only real Continue reading “Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist”

Preview: High Demon – Necrocosmos

A year ago, Denver’s High Demon –a Thomas Horror project, bassist of Rasha’im and Vourdalak– released the first self-titled demo under that banner. What we got was dark, dirty, tortured doom that married some of the pained vocal styles of his other bands to a slow, plodding doom where everything was of his own making under the DIY roof of Nauseating Whiff Records.

Jump to this same point in 2016 and Horror is just about set to release another High Demon demo in November, Necrocosmos. If you haven’t checked out last year’s demo, you should. Continue reading “Preview: High Demon – Necrocosmos”

Album Review: Khemmis – Hunted

Sweet, sweet Denver doom. Khemmis is back and your ears will thank you after you cruise their new album, Hunted.

How do you follow up an album that got plenty of praise without screwing it up? Khemmis got right back to work after Absolution putting together their second album. If anyone was expecting a sophomore slump, your fears may be put to rest. Shit, even the new album cover from Sam Turner is cooler than the last.

I probably listened to Hunted four times the day I got it just to make sure there wasn’t anything I missed. All I got was riff after riff in what is becoming the Khemmis way and I Continue reading “Album Review: Khemmis – Hunted”

Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist

You’ll notice two huge missing entries from this week’s update: the new Darkthrone and Waldgeflüster albums. These were by and far the albums I was most excited about this week and since I pre-ordered them both on CD, they haven’t shown up yet. Expect reviews of them next week.

Despite the lack of those two, this week was pretty fucking full as it is. Aside from the new stuff I’ve been slowly but surely putting together my year end list and have spent a lot of time going back over releases from this year that have kicked my ass. Also, been craving funeral doom. It’s that time of year.

NEW STUFF: (Click those titles, slackers.) Continue reading “Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist”

Kevin G’s Halloween Movie Playlist


Halloween 3

I’m glad this one is making a comeback as of late. It’s a perfect Halloween movie, a suburb horror flick, and it’s got fucking Tom Atkins and masks that turn children’s heads into piles of snakes and spiders. Right on.


The Fog

Continue reading “Kevin G’s Halloween Movie Playlist”

Andy’s Halloween Must-Watch List

Working in the horror business, I am constantly asked for my “Halloween horror list”. For me, I’ve got a pretty standard regimen of “must-watch” horror films come that magical time in October. My list incorporates a few recent entries, and a few oldies as well. I have decided to choose 10 essential films, or at least the 10 most essential in my house during the month of October. Without further ado, here’s my Halloween movie picks.



Continue reading “Andy’s Halloween Must-Watch List”

Mister Samhain’s Halloween Must-Watch List


I can’t give you a “31 Days of October” movie list because I can’t get around to watching 31 movies anymore. But I can give you a list of my personal must-watch movies of October. Below are the movies I just gotta watch every October  –in no true particular order- I almost feel empty inside if I don’t get these in during the month of Halloween.

Dracula (1931)

Continue reading “Mister Samhain’s Halloween Must-Watch List”

Kevin G’s Weekly Metal List

Holy shit, this week just fucking knocked me for a fucking loop. Between all the anticipated new releases and seeing Blind Guardian live this is has been a banner fucking week for metal. No doubt. Four albums I’ve been looking forward to came out this week and all four of them did not disappoint. I even found time for some albums that are completely new to me, some new stuff from bands I just got into and a nice surprise. I fucking love metal. It never lets me down.

NEW STUFF: (Click the titles to be awesome)

Vermin Womb – Decline
Some Denver black/death/grind nastiness from some of the dudes in Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire and Primitive Man. Exactly what you expect it to sound like with those players, nasty, grimy, furious, and over in about 20 minutes. Solid. Continue reading “Kevin G’s Weekly Metal List”

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