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November 2016

Raw (2016)

I recently had the opportunity to see something…disgusting. Keep in mind that I consider myself a connoisseur of “disgusting” films. This is not a term that I just throw around. I was recently invited to a secret screening, where the audience was unaware of the film to be screened until your ass was in the seat. We were promised it would be worth the suspense, and it would be something that hasn’t been screened outside of some very small film festival audiences.

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Kevin G’s Weekly Playlist

Well, that sure was a fucking week. It’s going to be a trying 4 years and while it’s hard to find anything positive in our countries never ending desire to prove we’re the dumbest people alive, at least we have music to help us get through, if only for as a distraction, or a means of coping, or even a voice of protest. Here’s some new stuff now. You’re going to need it over the next four years.


Slegest – Vidsyn

Some “black n’ roll” merged with traditional styled doom. From an ex member of Vreid, who as you may know are the band that started after Windir came to an end. Enough of a connection to spark an interest for me. The album is fairly fun. Straight forward, nothing fancy. Continue reading “Kevin G’s Weekly Playlist”

Most Likely to Die (2015)

One of my least favorite eras in horror is easily lead by the ‘90s. Every good slasher franchise began spinning their wheels out of the ‘80s and turned in their worst efforts in the ‘90s. Jason and Freddy weren’t relevant anymore, box office returns said so and the lack of following sequels spoke to that. What followed were direct-to-video knock offs of ‘80s slashers and an obscene amount of unnecessary sequels on the shelf at Blockbuster.

Then there was Wes Craven’s Scream, more or less the pinnacle of ‘90s slashers. It was smart, it had enough callbacks to previous work and the genre in-general. There are still people who aren’t fans, but I can’t buy it if those same people say the opening sequence with Drew Barrymore wasn’t masterful, because it was in so many ways.

So why am I talking about the ‘90s? Because the ‘90s are back in Anthony DiBlasi’s Most Likely to Die. I can’t say I’m awfully familiar with DiBlasi’s work other than his 2014 Last Shift which had enough haunted house stuff going for it, but failed in its terribly predictable ending. Most Likely to Die is a through and through ‘90s slasher complete with utterly superficial characters Continue reading “Most Likely to Die (2015)”

Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist

2017 is determined to not end quietly and the metal masses seemingly have decided to unleash hell over the remainder of the month and next month. Could be everybody is looking to get theirs on one of these  year “best of” lists, or could just be that metal is the most generously giving genres of music. Whatever is causing the recent onslaught of new material, I’m grateful for it. Here, enjoy some with me:

NEW STUFF: (Click those fucking titles)

Wretch – Wretch 
The bands debut full-length and follow up band to the end of Gates of Slumber, so if you’re familiar with Gates, you’ll know what kind of doom awaits you on Wretch. Wretch, however, is a little more immediate, less precise with their doom, but still, very similar. It’s fairly decent, if not great.

Sumerlands – Sumerlands
Some more classic/ 80’s metal worship. This band sounds like 70’s and 80’s metal got dropped in a blender. It’s equal parts Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Mercyful Fate. Really Continue reading “Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist”

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