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February 2016

New Headbangers – February 2016

Did you get enough Vitamin M(etal) for the month of February? You should fix that if you didn’t and here’s my black metal prescription for what came out this month to get you prepared to crush tracks in March, drive your enemies before you and hear the lamentations of their women! Continue reading “New Headbangers – February 2016”


Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Jams

I listen to a lot of metal and one of my pleasures in life is sharing it (forcing it) on people. Whether it be friends who are already into metal and haven’t heard a killer new band, or people who aren’t yet in to metal and need that classic album to get them over the fence, I love spreading the word and sharing bands with all.

Continue reading “Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Jams”

Sonny Boy (1989)

The ’80s were arguably the pinnacle of the horror genre. However, the ’80s were also a period of time I affectionately refer to as the wild west of horror cinema. It was a time marked by flashy cover art, when studios were cashing in on the direct-to-video craze, and making money hand over fist. Fledgling studios would pump out film after film with more than mixed results. More often than not, the flashy cover art was used to mask the worthless trash hidden within. This was not always the case, shown perfectly with the Scream Factory reissue of 1989’s “Sonny Boy”. Now I don’t claim to have seen every ’80s horror film, but I am at a loss as to how this Continue reading “Sonny Boy (1989)”

Hyperion – Seraphical Euphony

There’s so much to enjoy within the black metal sub-genre and one aspect that has sort of been missing is a really badass melodic black metal act. Filling that dark, empty void could be Sweden’s Hyperion with their debut album Seraphical Euphony.

Raw and Cascadian black metal (from where I sit) are what’s “in” right now in black metal. I have no complaints about it either, but it has become harder to really separate newer Continue reading “Hyperion – Seraphical Euphony”

TRVE Brewing – Red Chaos

Red Chaos

American Wild Ale

TRVE Brewing (Denver, CO)

6% ABV

Kvlt Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Using Montmorency cherries from Colorado’s Western Slope, TRVE Brewing has created a damn tasty sour American Wild Ale named after Vhöl’s “Red Chaos” from their 2015 album Deeper Than Sky.

TRVE wanted to build deeper relationships with Colorado growers, so they traveled across Continue reading “TRVE Brewing – Red Chaos”

Fuath – I

It’s fitting that this album was released today while we here in Denver are bracing for a heavy winter storm as Fuath‘s first album is a wintery bluster of a love letter to the atmospheric black metal greats.

If you’re not familiar with Fuath, you may be familiar with Scotsman Andy Marshal and his fucking incredible band Saor. His last album as Saor was a phenomenal album, full to the brim with lush, beautiful, Celtic inspired, nature oriented wonderments of black metal (as well as featuring Austin Lunn of Panopticon fame, just fucking killing it on the drums).

Continue reading “Fuath – I”

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