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July 2016

TRVE Brewing – Dhumavati


Smoked Mixed Culture Ale

TRVE Brewing (Denver, CO)

5.3% ABV

Kvlt Rating: 4/5

Among a surplus of new beers released during TRVE Brewing‘s Fourth Bacchanal weekend was an odd duck -as far as their beers go- a smoked mixed culture ale, Dhumavati. Of all the beers I had while there that Friday, Dhumavati was not one of them. A smoked mixed culture ale took a backseat to saisons and sours. But now Dhumavati is in bottles and Continue reading “TRVE Brewing – Dhumavati”


Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist

My list of upcoming new releases is a bit barren until mid August, and I’m fucking ok with that. After last week, and the rest of this year, I could use some time to reflect on some of the stellar releases we’ve already been gifted with, take some time to listen to some older stuff, fill out some collections, and of course, listen to new recommendations, which as far as new music, this week was almost entirely recommendations.

Finnish recommendations to be exact. And they fucking rule. This week may not be for the weary traveler as these bands are probably more for the black metal initiated but hey, you never know what band it’s going to be to bring you to the dark side, become your new favorite band, or simply blow your fucking mind. So if you’re feeling adventurous, and hell, why shouldn’t you, give some of these a try this week.

NEW STUFF: (Click the fucking titles)

Korgonthurus – Vuohen siunaus
I read the words “big, gross Finnish black metal” in a review and knew this was something I needed to hear, and it’s exactly that. Filthy, furious, black fucking metal in a way only the Finnish can do. Fucking killer.

Celestial Grave – Burial Ground Trance
More nasty, raw, filthy Finnish black metal with some killer fucking melody. Promising demo from this new band.

Oath – Mustan Liekin Vejeskunta
Fiercely intense, melodic, raw, Finnish black metal. Are you picking up on a theme here Continue reading “Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist”

Witherscape – The Northern Sanctuary

I should start this review off with some sort or recap or explanation of Dan Swano’s incredible career and fucking vast contributions to metal, but if you’re into metal and not familiar with the man’s output, you need to rethink your metal listening life. Yes, he’s that crucial.

Oh fuck it.

Whether it’s his performance in the incredible Edge of Sanity, his solo band and Blood Bath, (among many other impressive bands) or his producer/engineer credit on some of the finest albums the genre has to offer (Dissection, Dawn –among others- but those would be enough to warrant legendary status) Swano is a creative gift to metal music, and his latest offering from Continue reading “Witherscape – The Northern Sanctuary”

“Green Room” – 2015

Once in a great while a film comes along and just totally blows away your pre-conceived expectations. Such is the case with the superb survival thriller “Green Room”. I had been hearing rumblings about this film for a little over a year, and finally got a hold of it when it was released this past Tuesday. I am almost mad at myself for waiting so long to see it. Believe the hype, this one has it all. It’s the most fun I’ve had watching a movie at home in a while.

This is the third feature film from director Jeremy Saulnier, who’s quickly becoming a filmmaker to take notice of. I admit I was already of fan of his after seeing his outrageously over the top Continue reading ““Green Room” – 2015″

Friday night on Colfax – Helleborus and Of Feather and Bone

If you buy a ticket to a show from the guy who is on top of the bill, you sure as hell go. I got a ticket from Helleborus at the Wayfarer/Falls of Rauros show a couple weeks before so I had July 15 reserved for beer drinking and hell raising at the Bluebird Theater.

As far as local shows go, it’s interesting to see where the bands take you and with Helleborus leading the lineup Friday night at the Bluebird, I found myself on Colfax. At the end of a stretch where the Fillmore Auditorium and the Ogden Theater all share the same north side of the most Continue reading “Friday night on Colfax – Helleborus and Of Feather and Bone”

Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist

This week saw some fucking killer releases but for most of the week I just wanted to listen to old stuff and classics. I dug through bands catalogs where I was missing some albums, tried a bunch of old stuff, and basically just got lost in metal’s glory all week. Which, really, isn’t that different than any other week, but I needed the complete and utter saturation of metal to block out all the Pokemon and political nonsense that’s just so, fucking, overwhelming. It worked, for the most part, but there was some great new stuff Continue reading “Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist”

Ekelhaft – Blood Moon’s Curse EP

It’s a couple months late now, but here’s my take on Ekelhaft and their debut EP Blood Moon’s Curse.

Ekelhaft, formed from the remains of Nybbas, is a new black metal band from Daemon Black and Abhoth with Lord Grimalkin as the newest addition. If you’re looking for blasphemous metal of the cheap and local variety, these guys are part of a scene brewing in Denver. Though not a part of Nauseating Whiff Record’s growing stable of DIY bands/projects, Ekelhaft fit in quite well otherwise.

Continue reading “Ekelhaft – Blood Moon’s Curse EP”

Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist

I’m not in much of a chatty mood except to say when the world is shit, turn to music. There’s always something amazing to be listened to, discovered, and shared. Turn it fucking up.

NEW STUFF: (Click the titles to hear it)

Cancerslug – Sassy for Satan
I’ve always casually observed Cancerslug and their sleaze-ridden, horror punk/metal stylings Continue reading “Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist”

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