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December 2015

Colorado Metal Releases of 2015 List (the only one)

2015 lists are still rolling in across the Interweb, but one list I haven’t seen (and should be made) is here! Below you will find (practically) every metal release in 2015 from Colorado metal bands/projects. LPs, EPs, demos, splits and singles … ranked by myself in what was a lengthy, yet fun project. Weedsmokers, there’s doom and stoner bands here. Death metal brutality from the Mile High? YUP. Black metal? There’s some in there. Thrash-punk speed freaks? Colorado had some for you.

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“A Christmas Horror Story”

If people were unaware of the Krampus before 2015, there’s no reason to be unaware of the horned assistant of St. Nicholas after getting featured in two theatrical releases. Before “Krampus” came out in November, the holiday anthology “A Christmas Horror Story” was on the film festival circuit during the summer leading up to a limited release in early October. I love anthology horror movies with “Creepshow,” “Tales from the Darkside: The Movie” and “Trick r Treat” getting repeat viewings from me just about every year, so I felt a Christmas-themed horror anthology would be a perfect addition.

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Bloodstrike – In Death We Rot

The Denver metal scene loves two things: doom metal derivatives (sludge, stoner) and death metal. Bloodstrike is another one of many death metal acts that are reproducing like bloodthirsty rabbits around the Mile High City. Luckily, these rabbits aren’t pesky but they do want your money, which you should give them. Bloodstrike has released their debut album, In Death We Rot, and are reproducing that old school death metal sound: heavy guitars, moody, gruff vocals, galloping drums and kick ass riffs.

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Pile of Priests – Void to Enlightenment

With the idea of creating the old school ‘90s metal sound again, Denver’s Pile of Priests sounds like they knew what they were setting out to do after four years of separation from their EP. Get three tracks in at “Torture Chamber” and you should be able to feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Retro metal has become cool and for good reason, it still sounds good. Nobody said bands had to come up with some completely new sound that we’ve never heard before. All that should matter is that the songs are original and Pile of Priests piles eight of them on in their debut, Void to Enlightenment.

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Eye of Minerva – Blackened Kingdom Forged in Flame

After putting out a debut in 2014, Denver’s brutal death metal machine Eye of Minerva returns a year later with a new album and two new members. Former bassist and lead vocalist Joey Maurer departed the band to make family his main priority so his void was filled with two: Jeff Cicero on bass and Jeff “Murder” Wager picking up the mic.

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“Black Christmas” (1974)

Continuing the holiday-horror exploration is one of my all-time favorite horror movies, the 1974 classic “Black Christmas.” The movie is about a mysterious and disturbed caller who torments the main character, Jess, (played wonderfully by Olivia Hussey) and kills the women of the sorority house. The movie is significant as it was one of the first generation of slasher films: brutal kills by an unseen killer, sort of like “Friday the 13th” (1980) but without a big reveal of the killer. Now onto the quick summary.

The caller enters the house during a sorority Christmas party and places his first call. What seems like a prank by somebody who is disturbed, using multiple voices and maniacal laughs, Continue reading ““Black Christmas” (1974)”


Needing an injection of new blood into my holiday horror viewing, my fingers stumbled across “Treevenge.” This award winning horror short is seven-years-old now and I had never heard of it until last night. Willing to gamble 16 minutes on YouTube, I was not disappointed at all in director Jason Eisner’s (“Hobo with a Shotgun”) pine tree Christmas carnage.

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Kevin Gentilcore’s Top 25 Metal Albums of 2015

The past couple years have been amazingly impressive for metal. The sheer number of bands putting out incredible music is staggering and stretches all across the board, from old genre stalwarts, to new bands forging their own path, and bands performing at the peak of creativity: metal fucking owned this year.

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Mister Samhain’s Top 15 Metal Albums of 2015 – Jam These!

You shall find no Deafheaven or Ghost Bath here. Nor will you find any mainstream releases from Lamb of God or Disturbed. I’m not saying that I haven’t listened to them, just that they came nowhere close to touching my Top 15 list. Why? Those releases have gotten plenty of praise from the mainstream circles, but I wouldn’t consider them top albums, at least not on my list.

So here goes. Plug these in your ears and prepare yourself for some of the best metal had to offer this year, according to me. Comment below (or on Facebook) and let me know whether you agree or shout at me how I’m wrong. –Mister Samhain

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