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May 2016

Vourdalak – Prayers to the Void Demo

Recently finding its way into my inbox from one of the members was a demo for his new Colorado black metal project, Vourdalak. I’m always down to stick some new local stuff in the speakers, and I’m certainly down to listen to black metal.

Having heard Fourth Seal and Rasha’im, two groups the members share already, this Continue reading “Vourdalak – Prayers to the Void Demo”


Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist

Sweet Satan this was a metal filled week. There was a crap ton of new metal this week, mostly new discoveries for me, but there were a couple of albums I was looking forward to. Mostly Katatonia and Withered. Neither disappointed. But enough of my borax, let’s get to it.

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The Witch (2015)

A divisive film upon its initial wide release earlier this year, Robert Eggers “The Witch” is a film I now wish I would’ve caught in theaters instead of on Redbox so I could’ve talked about it then instead of upon its disc release now. I was interested in the movie the first time I saw the trailer and after hearing the initial audience reviews about how boring and unscary it was I could tell it was probably just misunderstood by the masses.

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Dry Dock Brewing – Aurora Ale

Aurora Ale

Belgian Blonde Ale

Dry Dock Brewing (Aurora, CO)

4.5% ABV

Kvlt Rating: 3/5

Dry Dock Brewing felt it fitting to brew a Belgian blonde ale and give it the name Aurora Ale in honor of their hometown’s 125th anniversary. I finally got my hands on a bottle after coming across it at one of my nearby liquor stores that is starting to build up it’s craft beer Continue reading “Dry Dock Brewing – Aurora Ale”

Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist

I’m still riding high from that killer new Vektor album and from the metal supremacy that was the Satan’s Host, Cellador, Visigoth, Night Demon show from the other night so let’s get straight to it.

This week had a fair share of new releases. Nothing really amazing but some solid and fun efforts through and through.

NEW STUFF: (Links in titles)

Phobocosm – Engulfing Dust
Dissonant, doom ladened, black metal flavored death metal from Quebec. It’s highly technical but not to show off, more to crush your skulls under it’s massive weight. Solid album.
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Epic Brewing – Sour Brainless on Peaches (Release No. 2)

Sour Brainless on Peaches

(Release No. 2)

American Wild Ale

Epic Brewing (Denver, CO)

7.9% ABV

Kvlt Rating: 4.5/5

Having heard from a few people about how good Epic Brewing‘s second release of their Sour Brainless on Peaches was I knew I had to acquire one for myself. I like Epic’s Brainless on Peaches just fine, but this suped up sour version blows it away.

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Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist (From Last Week, Today)

You may have noticed there was no weekly metal updated last week. That’s because not much really happened last week. I think there was only one new album I was interested. This week, however, is an entirely different story. I can sum it up in two words: Vektor, Gorguts. I’ll be honest here, the new Gorguts is crushing but Vektor wins the week by far, maybe even the year. That might be too soon to definetively claim but my word, I’ve listened to this new album at least 10 times this week. But there were some other killer new albums as well. Let’s get to it, shall we?

NEW STUFF: (Links in titles)  Continue reading “Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist (From Last Week, Today)”

Vektor – Terminal Redux

Vektor‘s new album, Terminal Redux, was one of my most anticipated album releases of this year. I’ve been following the band since their stellar (pun intended) debut Black Future, with all it’s sci-fi themed, thrashy excellence, and their sophomore release Outer Isolation where they took the sound one step further. Outer Isolation had already convinced me that Vektor is not only the most interesting and creative thrash band going now, but Continue reading “Vektor – Terminal Redux”

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