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April 2016

Modok – Demo 2016

Releasing a crust punk infused death metal demo back in March, Denver’s Modok play heavy, fast and produce a lot of noise while doing so. This demo reminds me a bit of Darkthrone’s FOAD and I have little doubt the guys of Modok, Dean, Dane and Laddie like that album. All provide vocals, but it’s Dean playing like a madman on the drums, Dane lending the heavy bass and Laddie providing the guitar riffs.

Together they all tear through seven heavy tracks, of which all but one come in under three minutes or less. One of my favorite cuts off this demo is “Terrifying Light” which is actually one of the slowest songs; it’s heavy and has great mid-tempo pacing. The rest of the album is noisy and really fast paced, where the heaviness and speed win out and the vocals are all dirty growls and screams.

Check them out and kick start your neck.

Modok’s demo is available now from Bandcamp.



Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist

The internet is vexing me with it’s inconsistency so I’ll get to it as quickly as possible. Some good stuff came out this week. Try it out. You know the drill.

NEW STUFF: (Links in titles)

Moonsorrow – Jumalten Aika
I’ve been sort of a casual Moonsorrow fan but I kept hearing how good the new album is so I figured it’s time to give it a shot and yeah, it’s pretty good. It’s hyper folk infused, slightly operatic black metal. I think there are other bands that do this better but Continue reading “Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist”

Mister Samhain’s Top 5 4/20 Albums

Greetings, weedians. Today is 4/20 and we all know what that means for those that smoke the devil’s lettuce. While you’re packing bongs, rolling blunts or eating some edibles, put some of these albums on.

Here are my Top 5 4/20 Albums:

Continue reading “Mister Samhain’s Top 5 4/20 Albums”

The Boy (2015)

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the recent Scream Factory release of “The Boy,” in conjunction with Elijah Wood’s Spectrevision label. I have to say that Scream Factory’s releases are as close to a “ sure thing” in horror as you can get these days, and Spectrevision is quickly carving a name for itself as a label for true horror fans. When these two forces combine, it seems like a virtual impossibility for them to fail. With “The Boy,” they did not disappoint. Now this film is not to be confused with the other film of the same name about a possessed doll. This film is far superior, and grounded in terrifying reality. It is a glimpse into the mind of a blossoming serial killer.

Continue reading “The Boy (2015)”

Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist

Mother nature is threatening us with a foot or more of snow just to remind us we are powerless against her whims. Whether your town will be covered in snowy death or not, this weekend is the perfect weekend to get some new metal music in your ears. What are you waiting for?

NEW STUFF: (Links in titles)

Wode – Wode
Debut album from this English black metal band and it’s fucking killer. It’s intense, powerful, ferocious black metal. It’s mostly all drive with a blur of guitar and drums but it really shines in it’s slower, doomier moments. The band seems to be talking influence for all factions of black metal and really honing their own sound. It’s not something that sounds new, but it does sound fresh and invigorating. Especially some of the guitar work. Regardless, this one is awesome.

Vordr – In the Shadow of the Wolf
Straight forward, no frills, raw, nature oriented black metal. Just crushing riff after crushing riff with shrill vocals screeched out over top. Good stuff. Continue reading “Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist”

Kevin G’s Weekly Metal List

Spring has reared it’s ugly head here in Colorado and it couldn’t have come soon enough. I love the transitions between the seasons and going from winter to spring is one of the more refreshing and rejuvenating changes for me. To accompany the change, there’s metal. It always works. Tons of killer new stuff this week. The past couple weeks have been unrelenting with incredible new music. If you’re not hearing it, what the fuck? It’ll change your life.

NEW STUFF (Links in titles)

Ancst – Moloch
Crusted up, politically charged black metal. I have a compilation of their’s that I rather enjoyed but that was more on the crust side. This one ups the melodic elements and black metal parts to killer affect. Continue reading “Kevin G’s Weekly Metal List”

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