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September 2016

25 Years Later: Crowbar – Obedience thru Suffering

NOLA’s Crowbar, who most likely need no introduction as one of the founders of sludge metal, released their debut album Obedience thru Suffering 25 years ago today. In 1991, the marriage of doom, death metal and punk was an odd choice but here it is in all its sludge glory and it still holds up if you’re into this kind of metal. Slow, rebellious, and kickass for the time, Crowbar set the table for sludge bands going forward with their debut album.

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31 (2016)

Oh, Rob Zombie…why do your movies plague me so? I WANT to like them. I still get excited to see what you’ve got in the works. You have a clear vision, and a penchant for violence…so why is it so difficult? Is it me? Is it you? How can we come to terms with our troubled horror movie relationship?

That brings me to this review of Rob Zombie’s latest offering “31”, now in theaters and VOD. For the duration of this review, I will refer to Mr. Zombie as “RZ”, to save time and because hell… we’ve got a lot to talk about. This time around a group of traveling carnies run into a group of aristocratic misanthropes with a taste for blood. The opening scene of the film had me Continue reading “31 (2016)”

Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist

This week marks the first week of what will be super fucking slammed weeks of new metal for the foreseeable future. At least according to my list. Yes, I keep a list of upcoming albums I’m interested in and their release dates. But holy fuck, this week. This week was insane! As if the new Belenos wasn’t enough, In the Woods… dropped their first album in 17 years, and it’s fucking brilliant. Both these albums are going to show up on the year end list. Mark my words. Or don’t, but at least listen to the fucking music. Speaking of…

NEW JAMS: (Click those titles, fuckers)

Belenos – Kornog
In the six years since the last Belenos release I’ve managed to become a rabid fan of the French Continue reading “Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist”

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