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June 2016

Rasha’im – A Malediction

It’s been four days since the release of Rasha’im’s A Malediction and I’m just now getting around to putting their second demo tape through my ears. First thing about these guys, you gotta appreciate a little thing we call raw black metal.

Now, I’ve heard far worse production and Nauseating Whiff Records prides themselves on being into DIY groups, yet this is still highly listenable, you’re just not going to hear Continue reading “Rasha’im – A Malediction”


Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist

The past couple of weeks have been a torrential downpour of metal, so crushingly awesome I often wonder why anybody should give a shit about anything that’s not metal.

Half way through this year of metal and stacking it up against last year, which was insanely amazing, I’m floored by the amount of unique and highly creative music that’s been released. If this year in metal goes down as anything, it’ll be the year of amazing new discoveries, bands taking chances, pushing the envelope, and broadening the metal scope even further. I’m constantly amazed and inspired by this genre and I just hope some of that infection is contagious and you all get sick to fucking death with metal. Here’s the new stuff from this week.

NEW STUFF: (Links in title, like always)

Dyscordia – Words in Ruin
Some rather infectious progressive/power metal with more emphasis on the power and heavy rock side of things. A little heavier on occasion with the death growls. Solid fun. Continue reading “Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist”

Helleborus – The Carnal Sabbath

If we narrowed a search of Colorado black metal groups down to those with members in only one band, I think we would have at least half as many. Helleborus (whose members are the Houseman brothers of Akhenaten and are both formerly of Execration) debuted their first album, The Carnal Sabbath, under this new band at the end of last week. If you’re in the mood for some polished, fierce, local black metal, then look no further this year. Continue reading “Helleborus – The Carnal Sabbath”

“Maniac” – 2013

While digging through some of my not-so-recent purchases, I came across the 2013 remake of “Maniac.” I decided to throw it in, as I remembered it being pretty hardcore. Boy, it did not disappoint! In fact, upon a second viewing I like it even more. It is without further ado, that I am extremely excited to recommend “Maniac” for your viewing (dis)pleasure.

Continue reading ““Maniac” – 2013″

Kevin G’s Best of Metal 2016… So Far

We’re just about halfway through the year so it’s about time to recap what has been shining this year for metal (and some non metal).

2016, for me, has been an extremely well rounded year for metal. So many bands, both new and old are performing at the top of their game it’s hard to elevate one above the other and there’s been so many exceptional releases it’s starting to feel like a joke. I will tell you that the new Vektor is so far my number one pick of the year. It’s a work of fucking art and Continue reading “Kevin G’s Best of Metal 2016… So Far”

Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist

Last week I spent sitting on a beach in Mexico so I wasn’t keeping up on new releases. Now that I’m back to gross, non-beach life I’ve been catching up with last weeks releases and this weeks, which has been a herculean task. All I’ve managed to listen to are new albums this week. There were some highly anticipated albums for me, some new stuff and some surprises so let’s get right down to it.

NEW STUFF: (Links in titles) Continue reading “Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist”

Wayfarer – Old Souls

Back in 2014, I stumbled on to Wayfarer’s then new release Children of the Iron Age -quite randomly- on Bandcamp while looking for local black metal bands. I was surprised I hadn’t heard of the band considering they’re from my own backyard and play a rather infectious brand of atmospheric black metal, a genre I’m a certain mark for. I was fucking Continue reading “Wayfarer – Old Souls”

Vale of Pnath – II

New vocalist, new guitarist and new logo. All upgrades.

Denver’s Vale of Pnath turned in their newest album in almost five years and it is certainly time to get pnasty with II.

In the lead up to this new album they released two tracks, ”Blacker Than” and  “Klendathu,” named after the Arachnid planet from “Starship Troopers.”  That track alone told me a change Continue reading “Vale of Pnath – II”

Svartelder – Pyre

In all my excitement for last Friday’s release of new material from Dark Funeral, Drudkh, Candlemass, Cough and others, I came across another recent release from earlier in the week, Pyre, the debut LP for Norway’s Svartelder. I was drawn to the unique cover, which I really dig, and finding out drummer AK-47 from Carpathian Forest was involved didn’t hurt my interest either.

Continue reading “Svartelder – Pyre”

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