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“Desolation” delivers more of what Khemmis does so well with heavy metal infused doom

Determined to keep the train rolling Khemmis has returned with Desolation, their third LP and fourth release in two years (Hunted in 2016, a single and then a split with Spirit Adrift in 2017, and now Desolation). Not content with taking much time off they have practically spent the last year on tour, recording the new album, going right back to shows and touring again, all while working their regular Denver jobs in between. So what’s changed since 2016’s Hunted? Not a damn thing and that’s good.

If you wanted that Khemmis sound, sweet riffs from Phil Pendergast and Ben Hutcherson, galloping songs driven by Zach Coleman’s drums, and heavy metal painted doom thanks to Dan Beires, then you came back to the right place. I was immediately hooked on “Isolation” and still am. This is Khemmis at their absolute best, writing songs that just flat out rock. Phil’s vocals sound good as always and on “Isolation” is still the same guy I’ve loved since “Ash, Cinder, Smoke” on Absolution. Even Ben gets some harsh vocal featuring -I feel like more so than on Continue reading ““Desolation” delivers more of what Khemmis does so well with heavy metal infused doom”


Hereditary is likely the most disturbing movie this year

Enough of you have likely seen this movie by now, but we need to talk about Hereditary, the “scariest movie since The Exorcist.” Every scary movie will forever be measured against it.

It’s not. Maybe it was to you though.

But what it didn’t produce in scares for me it made up for in unsettling and uncomfortable situations. Maybe I’m not quite capable of being scared by a movie, but they can certainly produce shock and uncomfortable moments. Hereditary laid it on thick and I can certainly appreciate it for what it was. I think Ari Aster killed it in his first feature length debut through A24 Films which just so happened to let Robert Eggers do his thing in his directorial debut with The Witch, which I also loved.

Toni Collette plays Annie Graham so well. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her get award nominations for Hereditary.

Part family drama, part spook show, Hereditary stars Toni Collette as Annie Graham the sometimes manic, sometimes detached mom who’s family is broken and busted by every tragedy. She also has her own really fucked up past with her mother and children which the story revolves around and around. The family drama piece at the beginning sets the stage for adding in spook elements to move the story while producing plenty of shocking moments along the way. You’re now entering the SPOILER ZONE.

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Denver’s Hail Satan reload and return with new EP “Rad Metal”

If you haven’t heard of Hail Satan then you should, their latest EP Rad Metal is releasing May 31 and it’s a fun listen with songs about partying (“I’m doin’ drugs, I’m getting’ laid, I’m eatin’ pi-zza everyday.” -from “Born to Win”) and getting in good with Satan, all set to thrash/speed metal. That’s what I’m talking about!

The 2014 debut EP Pit of Oblivion had a different lineup, the recording and production quality were low and there were some doom influences mixed in. Re-emerging four years later during which the lineup and direction of the band changed considerably infusing hard rock with only thrash/speed. It all makes a lot more sense now and sounds a world better.

“Born to Win” was the first song I heard from Rad Metal and it’s a rock party anthem plus the catchiest track on the five song EP. This will be a fun one live next Thursday for their release Continue reading “Denver’s Hail Satan reload and return with new EP “Rad Metal””

Wayfarer’s “World’s Blood” rides through your speakers with western flair

Praise the power of PR and it’s ability to supply my inbox with sweet promos. One album I’ve been anxiously awaiting like a starved child after it was announced is Wayfarer‘s third, World’s Blood. Their western tinged atmospheric black metal is a sweet spot for me and the new album continues to crush. Listening to it I see growth through the first two albums as they settle into their sound on this third. Wayfarer is releasing World’s Blood May 25 and I have all the early praise to heap on it.

Debuting “The Dreaming Plain” first wasn’t a bad choice at all. It drives the hardest of the entire album with Isaac Faulk’s pounding drums and Shane McCarthy roars just cascading across your speakers. It’s a good hook for World’s Blood and a solid representation of Wayfarer’s sound.

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Pull the party horn out of your eye, “Friday the 13th Part VII – The New Blood” is 30

“Why? Didn’t they make six of them?”

-John Carl Buechler

Director of Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood on the initial approach for directing.


Thirty years have passed since they resurrected Jason Voorhees, again, but in Part VII it was from the bottom of Camp Crystal Lake. Opening May 13, 1988, the seventh entry of Friday the 13th was billed “Jason versus Carrie” as now undead hockey face battled Tina Shepard, a troubled girl who has mind powers she can’t control so well.

This Friday the 13th was more effects laden, a calling card of Director John Carl Buechler , who didn’t even want to do the movie. The result though was one with a lot of flying objects, explosions, and tons of gore that the MPAA felt was too unnecessary for audiences to see. Continue reading “Pull the party horn out of your eye, “Friday the 13th Part VII – The New Blood” is 30″

Ask the Band: Alvino Salcedo from Of Feather and Bone

Today marks the release of Of Feather and Bone’s second LP Bestial Hymns of Perversion and I got bassist and lead vocalist Alvino Salcedo to answer some questions about deep topics like tour shit, beer and what horror movie OFAB would have their music featured in because I’m a modern day Barbara Walters.

First off, Bestial Hymns of Perversion is fucking awesome. The new album marks a pretty full change in sound, but why the shift to death metal though?

We wrote the last album so long ago. We wrote and recorded it and then sat on it for over a year before it was released. Then we toured on it for over a year. In that time we were sick of those songs and already writing and changing so many things. It wasn’t until the 2016 demo that we finally said “fuck it” and recorded and wrote what we had been sitting on for years.

***My Kvlt of Brewtality review of the new album.

So what’s next for you guys? There’s a tour coming up, part of which is with Tomb Mold (Toronto), what dates are you looking the most forward to?

I’m personally excited for the whole thing. The west coast is always great. And I’m super stoked to watch Tomb Mold every night for a couple of weeks. Those dudes are rad and an even better band.

What do you guys do for fun when you have time in-between or at stops on the road?

We all mostly just work a ton haha. We all have active lives outside of the band for sure, but I can speak on behalf of us all when I say that the band is always and the forefront of what we base our lives around. We don’t plan vacations or whatever unless we know it won’t conflict with something the band may have. We’ve made this our lives for over 6 years.

Favorite city to play in not named Denver?

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“Bestial Hymns of Perversion” sees Of Feather and Bone stretching out to death metal

Have you ever thought “Of Feather and Bone should just be a death metal band?” Because if you have then Alvino Salcedo and the boys thought the same thing. On their second LP Bestial Hymns of Perversion, OFAB goes death metal. I got a taste of the new album and how potent it would be when they played a killer set opening for Cannibal Corpse and Power Trip.

Of Feather and Bone


Now the new album is here and I’m impressed with what they put together. Their 2016 promo demo was the precursor to this change in sound and the two tracks -“Resounding from the Depths” and “Pious Abnormality”- are included here, plus five brand new tracks.

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Vastum and Spectral Voice split: dose of death metal for death metal people

Just like the album, this take is a quick one. San Fran’s Vastum and Denver’s Spectral Voice got together on a two-track split that came out last week and has unreleased songs with Vastum going off first.

The pairing is just right for me. I’m not very familiar with Vastum so I didn’t have much kicking around between my ears on what I figured I would hear. “Gagging on a Gash” is fucking awesome song title, that’s pretty death metal to me. Dan Butler’s vocals are also my kind of shit, I caught him with his other band Acephalix at the last Denver Black Sky (Black Sky Cinco) and they played a set that the crowd was really into. The riff throughout “Gagging on a Gash” isn’t anything I haven’t heard before, but like jerking off, some things never get old. Honestly, the gravely vocals, cool death metal riff chugging, and the soloing near the end, what’s not to Continue reading “Vastum and Spectral Voice split: dose of death metal for death metal people”

The saw chains of “Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers” haven’t rusted in 30 years

Grab your favorite chainsaw and plenty of fuel because we’re going on a trip to Los Angeles where the cult classic Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers takes place. The title is almost a horror movie name generator inspiration. Just mash three words together and then write the movie based on the title.

There’s a brief street walker interview intro where she manages to produce a chainsaw in a police interrogation room and then it’s quickly on to total nudity from B-movie babe Michelle Bauer as Mercedes, a chainsaw wielding hooker. Sorry, she’s a lady, I forgot she said that early on. Mercedes brings clients back to her room where she keeps a Homelite chainsaw stashed in her dresser because those fit there. She even covers a picture of the King in plastic because you don’t want to sully his visage right before getting down to dismembering her John, spraying blood and clearly hand tossed body parts all over the place. I can’t tell you enough how this is a scene every genre fan must watch.

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