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Movie Review: Pool Party Massacre (2017)

If you’re going to pen a modern day love letter to shitty ’80s horror, you’re going to load up a hefty bag of guts, blood, one-liners and callbacks. Drew Marvick’s Pool Party Massacre is the right combination of slasher throwback, modern day low-budget film making, and savvy marketing. From the poster art, cheesy tag line and blood use, this is an indie effort done right.

Even the title font on the poster is the same as 1982’s Slumber Party Massacre.

You know the basic setups and foreshadowing already, or at least that’s all I could see and hear. If you grew up on a late night TV diet of ’80s slasher flicks, you have some things to feast on. Callbacks, red herrings, and plenty of vapid, awful, disposable characters. I won’t detail too much, but you’ll appreciate them if you can spot them.

Blair Winthorpe’s parents are going out of town and she is going to throw a pool party where there isn’t much pool partying going on. That’s beside the point and one of the things that stuck Continue reading “Movie Review: Pool Party Massacre (2017)”

Album Review: Excommunion – Thronosis

I’ll admit up front I am not a huge death metal fan, my vest would easily prove this as well. I could probably count on close to two hands the number of death metal acts I have on my near and dear old fucking iPod. The ones I listen to regularly, Death, Gorguts and Blood Incantation, are not exactly influences on the newest album from Excommunion, Thronosis. But here I am because of yet another Naas Alcameth band.

Released a week ago (officially), Thronosis is dark and cavernous. I keep hearing Morbid Angel kicked around, one of the only other names I am familiar with enough to say “I can hear that.” But you do not necessarily need to look back on influences to appreciate what came of them. Excommunion kicks ass in their own regard. Their last album, Superion, goes just as hard.

Continue reading “Album Review: Excommunion – Thronosis”

30 Years of Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

I’ve kind of always liked horror movies, especially slashers, and while I’m not sure I can pinpoint exactly where it started, I sure as hell can tell you where I was certain that people getting hacked up on screen was my kind of entertainment.

For seven-year-old me there was nothing like a Friday the 13th Marathon on AMC or TNT’s MonsterVision with Joe Bob Briggs. This was before there was a Jason Goes to Hell. So the most recent Jason movies around were Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan and Part VII: The New Blood.

The seventh entry into the hockey masked murderer’s series is where I fell in love with slashers. Jason’s mask is iconic, but the look in Part VII was the absolute best. Gnarled from years in Crystal Lake, bones, rotted flesh, the chopped up mask.

This was also Kane Hodder’s first outing as Jason Voorhees and the size and brutality he Continue reading “30 Years of Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood”

Movie Review: The Neon Demon (2016)

Nicolas Winding Refn has been something of an enigma since he burst onto the scene with his violent 1996 Danish crime thriller Pusher. Since then, his films have only gotten stranger and more violent, which is saying something if you seen his films Drive or Valhala Rising. Although the films are weird, they’ve also gotten better. His latest film The Neon Demon is no exception to the rule. It’s nothing short of a visual masterpiece, while also showcasing the vapid and cutthroat world of modeling.


I would not describe Refn as a mainstream filmmaker, however he does have some broad mainstream appeal. As his career continues to flourish, his name continues to attract some of Continue reading “Movie Review: The Neon Demon (2016)”

Album Review: Hellripper – Coagulating Darkness

Come with me to Scotland and the UK where the one man Hellripper will filet your face with his crazy throwback blackened thrash-speed metal. While Aberdeen, Scotland has their fair share of metal bands I can’t name a one, but I know of James McBain’s Hellripper.

After a handful of splits with similar styled American metal acts and an EP, Hellripper has a debut album with Coagulating Darkness that came out April 14. And does it ever rip.

Is this the most original thing you’ve ever heard? No, but if you’re playing what is essentially throwback speed metal with a current blackened sound, do you expect true diversity? Forget it. Continue reading “Album Review: Hellripper – Coagulating Darkness”

Album Review: Nightbringer – Terra Damnata

Nightbringer is one of the most consistently incredible American black metal bands going today. I’d easily hold them up as a shining example of how great American black metal can be (regardless of their European influences, more on that later). Not only are they consistent, they’re consistently interesting. You know with Nightbringer that you’re going to get a swirling mix of sinister and foreboding black metal, but how you get from A to B is anybody’s guess.

For example, on their fifth full-length, Nightbringer go full force and don’t stop for many breaks along the way. Instantly “As Wolves Amongst Ruins” starts up, there’s no lengthy instrumental intro, no slow build up, no easing you in to this nightmare. It just fucking starts, full force with Continue reading “Album Review: Nightbringer – Terra Damnata”

Album Review: Bestia Arcana – Holókauston

Naas Alcameth had a busy last week with two releases from his bands Nightbringer and Bestia Arcana. Nightbringer was expected, but Bestia Arcana was the surprise of the week as the second album, Holókauston, had a later release date.

Then a portal from Hell opened and spewed forth two albums near simultaneously.

If you heard Bestia Arcana’s first album, To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu, you know what to expect. But brace yourselves for an even better follow-up. I like To Anabainon but I am feeling Continue reading “Album Review: Bestia Arcana – Holókauston”

Album Review: Stoned Crone – Out of the Drink EP

Nauseating Whiff Records, Denver’s purveyors of indie, DIY metal have added a different band to their lineup of black metal, sludge and noise projects. They recently brought into the fold, Stoned Crone, a sort of psychedelic, bluesy, stoner … we’ll just call it stoner rock. That’s what they play.

They released their first EP, Out of the Drink, earlier this month.

Ok, so this isn’t metal, but it’s still fucking cool if you can jam on some Jefferson Airplane crossed with Black Sabbath and Purson. Vocalist Pepper Lohikäärme at least names the latter two as influences. All you’ll find here are three songs by four people that rock pretty well. Opening with “Fire Unleashed,” my favorite of the EP, Lohikäärme belts out the opening before Continue reading “Album Review: Stoned Crone – Out of the Drink EP”

Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist

So yeah, not much to say this week. Metal rules and all that. Try something new. You should know this by now!

NEW STUFF: (Click on them titles)

Mastodon – Emperor of Sand
It doesn’t matter what Mastodon does people will either love or hate them. “It’s not metal enough”, “it’s too metal” blah blah blah. I like Mastodon for what it’s worth, and I like their current sound and style probably more than the old stuff, but I don’t have much invested in this band.

Heretoir – The Circle
It’s a shame bands like Deafheaven are giving this post/black gaze genre such a bad name because there are bands out there making tremendous music with the style. One, and possibly the current best, is Heretoir. Though I feel like most bands in this genre, Heretoir has moved a Continue reading “Kevin G’s Weekly Metal Playlist”

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