I’ll always sing the praises of the Denver metal scene and Bloodstrike‘s second album, Execution of Violence, is another reason why. If you’re looking for that old school death metal sound around the Mile High, then look no further than Bloodstrike. Holly Wedel’s vocals strike the right cords, but so do the actual cords of Jeff Alexis and Joe Piker, the guitarists. Holly bellows as the rest of the band grooves along with her.

Don’t come here for anything technical. This is just down and dirty death metal and Bloodstrike will play the hell out of it. This is beer fist music. This is headbanging, horns up metal.

The opening salvos of “Procreating for Death” and “Creeper” get you prepped for “Emptiness of Life,” my favorite of Execution of Violence. This one is heavy, has that right groove going, and is totally headbangable. Yeah that’s a word. “Corpses of Dissection” is another favorite track, removed from my other favorite here. This one has a guitar riff that really hits it right for me. The title track though, man. That’s a good one too.

Check out “Whoremonger,” wow! Just Bloodstrike killing it for few minutes while you pull your head out of your ass for not being on this earlier. Closing it all up is “Hell’s Wasteland,” where we get left behind until the next album. Overall, Execution of Violence is a solid death metal album, especially if you’re into the old Swede-death sound. Just crunchy, dirty, headbanging death metal.

Bloodstrike’s Execution of Violence is available now from Redefining Darkness Records. They will be at the inaugural Denver Death Fest on October 29 with a host of awesome local and not so local death/grindcore acts.