Popping up seemingly from nowhere, maybe a gate from Hell on Colfax, Denver gained +1 black metal bands with Augur’s debut EP Shadows of the Black Cross. Derek of Metal DP posted their album earlier in the month, with it being visibly black metal of the local variety I was clearly going to check it out.

What does Augur have to offer? Sacrificial music to sacrifice your sacrifices.

The opening of “Wolves” will beautifully lull you before the guitar and drum burst in. This is a proper opener, loud, aggressive, and harsh vocals. The intro is damn good too. “The Eleven” is a sweet spot on the album for me, if you can’t dig this track then I’m losing hope for you. It’s just about three minutes of Augur totally crushing it. Throughout this EP I could hear bits of Emperor, Behemoth, Gorgoroth, to name a few.

Shadows of the Black Cross at this point doesn’t sound amateur at all. This album doesn’t sound raw, the music structure is tight and “Death’s Head” really ties it all together. Going seven plus minutes, “Death’s Head” doesn’t really sound to me like a band with no backstory or experience. This sounds more veteran made. The riff structure is proficient if not almost by the numbers. “Death’s Head” really clicks to me as a good example of USBM.

Wrapping it up is the title track which has some noticeable death metal especially in the beginning of “Shadows of the Black Cross.” By the time this is over you should be just as excited as I am to eventually see these guys play this shit live. I asked their vocalist Valen, “what is Augur?” He said they are literally, foresight. A warning. “The rats will flee once they hear that warning.”

With that kind of sound, I can see why they take themselves seriously. Find out yourself.

Augur’s debut EP Shadows of the Black Cross is available from the band on Bandcamp.