One of my favorites in Denver, Weapönizer, spewed forth their second LP Lawless Age today Here’s some reasons why you should throw dollars at them and go to a show for their take on blackened thrash-crossover-war metal-whatever the fuck.

#1 – If you don’t like it, the songs are quick and the riffs move it along.

#2 – If you do like it, the songs are quick and the riffs move it along.

We open this second full-length Weapönizer with “Malefactor,” mainlined aggression and chaos. This one will surely stir up a pit if it doesn’t stir a metal boner in your pants. It also does not overstay its welcome. The second song, “Hellbound,” had me hooked when it was an early track leading up to the June 30 release. To me it’s a continuation of the first track and viewed as one piece the assault continues.

Two tracks from their interlude demo last year are “Vulture” and “Gangrene,” both with x10 increased production value over the original! Just kidding, but these are more polished. “Vulture” is the slow track, which doesn’t mean much when you’re talking about Weapönizer. It’s about two and a half minutes and there’s some slow parts. Small slow parts. It still kicks ass in short order. “Gangrene” is the fast one.

“Rattenkrieg” is a track I gotta hear live. Then there’s “Iron Clan Exiles” to lighten the mood with a tale of revenge.

Bringing us back full circle to the blazing fast start is the final track “Temple of the Iron Skull.” Throwing out the kitchen sink and going for broke, the guys lay it on thick: blazing intro, lots of guitar riffage, Shaggy beating the hell out of his kit, and some speed changes sprinkled across.

Closing out the whole affair is a cover of English Dog’s slow burn “World War 2.”  Weapönizer don’t reinvent the mohawk and leather jacket wheel here but do make it their own. Solid tribute to a classic act off their first album Invasion of the Porky Men.

Denver is full of quality local acts and Weapönizer doesn’t play a lot of shows, with Shaggy and Zack Rose also splitting time with Nekrofilth. What I’m saying is check the release show for Lawless Age August 18 at the uber cool destination garage, Seventh Circle Music Collective. Support from Throne of Belial, Rotstrotter, and Chemically Crippled.

Weapönizer’s new album Lawless Age is available now digitally from 20 Buck Spin.