I’ll admit up front I am not a huge death metal fan, my vest would easily prove this as well. I could probably count on close to two hands the number of death metal acts I have on my near and dear old fucking iPod. The ones I listen to regularly, Death, Gorguts and Blood Incantation, are not exactly influences on the newest album from Excommunion, Thronosis. But here I am because of yet another Naas Alcameth band.

Released a week ago (officially), Thronosis is dark and cavernous. I keep hearing Morbid Angel kicked around, one of the only other names I am familiar with enough to say “I can hear that.” But you do not necessarily need to look back on influences to appreciate what came of them. Excommunion kicks ass in their own regard. Their last album, Superion, goes just as hard.

Thronosis is dark as hell, brutal and cavernous, exactly the kind of output I would expect from Alcameth when I think of the guy from Nightbringer making death metal. This really is blackened death metal to me, you can’t totally scrub out the black metal sound and I wouldn’t want it any other way because that sound speaks to me. This four track EP disguised as an LP is worth every bit of it’s less than half hour of time and shreds open the gates of hell in your ear.

If you made me pick a weak track, I couldn’t. I’m all about the discordant sounds within, “Twilight of Eschaton” blazing through, blast beating my ears before slowing it down midway before the finish. This is Dark Descent Records type metal, no doubt.

The album is a whirlwind of dark, death style vocals, blast beats, smoking guitar and Christbutcher bass that wraps it up in “Blessed is the Epoch of Darkness and Strife,” a phenomenal closer even if it’s kinda by the numbers. Those numbers are still fucking hard! I’d recommend checking this out and dropping at least $7 on it for the digital copy.

Excommunion’s Thronosis is available now from Dark Descent Records.