Come with me to Scotland and the UK where the one man Hellripper will filet your face with his crazy throwback blackened thrash-speed metal. While Aberdeen, Scotland has their fair share of metal bands I can’t name a one, but I know of James McBain’s Hellripper.

After a handful of splits with similar styled American metal acts and an EP, Hellripper has a debut album with Coagulating Darkness that came out April 14. And does it ever rip.

Is this the most original thing you’ve ever heard? No, but if you’re playing what is essentially throwback speed metal with a current blackened sound, do you expect true diversity? Forget it. Accept what Hellripper is and enjoy the fuck out of it because over eight tracks McBain teaches a lesson in blazing riffs, and rapid fire drums and vocals.

When “Bastard of Hades” opens up this album doesn’t stop. This is a fiesta of blackened-speed-thrash until the finale – the title track. I’ve been digging the thrash/speed resurgence, but one side of it (blackened) hasn’t gotten nearly the attention it probably should. So many great bands like Toxic Holocaust and Midnight, I even wrote a review last year on Widower from Austin, Texas last year. More awesome blackened thrash somewhat similar to Hellripper. Coagulating Darkness is less than 30 minutes of great music to drink too. Just rage on these riffs, rapid beats and McBain’s vocals and try not to fucking smile.

Here’s a track-by-track review:

They’re all fucking rippers.

Hellripper’s debut album Coagulating Darkness is available now from Bandcamp.