Nauseating Whiff Records, Denver’s purveyors of indie, DIY metal have added a different band to their lineup of black metal, sludge and noise projects. They recently brought into the fold, Stoned Crone, a sort of psychedelic, bluesy, stoner … we’ll just call it stoner rock. That’s what they play.

They released their first EP, Out of the Drink, earlier this month.

Ok, so this isn’t metal, but it’s still fucking cool if you can jam on some Jefferson Airplane crossed with Black Sabbath and Purson. Vocalist Pepper Lohikäärme at least names the latter two as influences. All you’ll find here are three songs by four people that rock pretty well. Opening with “Fire Unleashed,” my favorite of the EP, Lohikäärme belts out the opening before its all jamming. This song makes you want to move, its got plenty of energy. Her vocals also work perfectly for this kind of music.

Slowing it down and really working that buzzy, stoner sound, “The High Priestess” grooves along quickly before reaching the end with the more melancholy “Hazy Brain.” What you ultimately find here is a three song set of solid, local stoner rock that really could find a home here in Denver. Stoned Crone doesn’t have any shows planned yet, but I have a feeling they could get some in the Denver metal/rock scene if their live set matches their recorded music.

Hopefully their relationship with Nauseating Whiff proves fruitful for the both of them as they’re the odd group out when stacked up against Rasha’im or Maggotbreath. Who’s ready for some stoner rock in Denver?

Stoned Crone’s Out of the Drink EP is available now from Nauseating Whiff Records.