I look forward to anything Nightbringer has to offer, so I sure as hell was excited for the split album they collaborated on with Abigor, Thy Darkened Shade and Mortuus, ANTM. Each offer up a single lengthy track to this four track split EP. All of what you would expect from each of them. Abigor gets it going as the setup men with a really slow, discordant, dark opening and … it’s Abigor, you know who they are. The track itself feels a bit superficially slow. Too much may have been held back, but I think the setup they provide for the next three tracks is appropriate. It’s dark, jarring and it sets the table for Nightbringer perfectly.

This album is certainly a concept/movement (you decide which term) piece because the tracks flow into each other. Kudos to all involved for getting that to work.

The Nightbringer track is as expected: fast, dark, dirty and evil sounding. Nightbringer is a band I would certainly recommend to people who want to listen to the “devil’s music.” Pounding pedal, crashing cymbals and drums, hypnotically evil, icy riffs and Naas Alcameth’s dirty sounding vocals. Nightbringer always brings it and this is eight minutes of headbanging.

The transition to Thy Darkened Shade isn’t as seamless as the previous two had, but chaos is unleashed immediately. I gotta give these guys from Greece their dues, they come from that central European black metal school and they show it well -again- on their ten and a half minute track. I dig the previous Nightbringer track, but Thy Darkened Shade just hits a sweet spot on this split. Fast, pounding, some technicality in the riffs. Just some great variation throughout -there’s even a piano interlude, love it. Thy Darkened Shade’s offering is the biggest kick in the ass among the four on ANTM.

Wrapping it up and sending us all to hell is Sweden’s Mortuus. A more seamless transition occurred this time and Mortuus slowed it up, just as we came in slow with Abigor. The pounding drum, high discordant picking are there to book end this experience with Tehom’s dirty, raspy moan sending us into the void.

I enjoyed this split a lot, the overall flow was dark, occult, and rad as hell.

No physical release yet, but you can for sure grab it from any of the band’s Bandcamp pages. I got mine from Nightbringer (who have sold the most copies through their page), so hit up Abigor, Thy Darkened Shade or Mortuus. Spread the love/wealth/darkness.