Kvlt of Brewtality does interviews! In the first of a new series, we ask bands, brewery types and horror people questions about their relevant topics and touch on others like bands on horror, brewers on metal and horror on craft beer. Axeslasher has three releases, doesn’t tour and only rises from the grave after sacrifices are made (who knew), so with an upcoming show on Monday with East Coast thrash legends Overkill, it seemed like a good time to talk with their vocalist and head honcho, Professor Pizza.

Axeslasher has been involved in some stuff over the last few years: a single, some shows and BAM! feature as the opening credits song in “Deathgasm.” You guys play very few shows and release little music, you are like an anomaly … how instrumental is the Axeslasher image (band theme and the often copied Pizzagram) in all that?

Axeslasher is very much like SOD. Our live lineup is comprised of a bunch of members from different touring bands living in different states. It takes a special combination of luck and blood sacrifice to raise the beast.

I’m not sure if image is the right word for it. Axeslasher is kind of like Freddy Krueger — It only exists because people believe in it. Despite the infrequent play and release schedule, we’re still gaining momentum that surprises even me. All without label support or distribution. We don’t even have management or an agent. We’re a 100% true DIY operation. I think Axeslasher speaks to a certain neo-nihilism that accepts that existence is meaningless so let’s have fun while we’re here.

Professor Pizza and his girlfriend at the LA premier of "Deathgasm."
Professor Pizza and his girlfriend at the LA premier of “Deathgasm.”

How bad ass was it to get on that Overkill bill and how’d you guys land that?

It’s always awesome and daunting to play with a band you really admire. I’m excited as hell and hoping Bobby Blitz doesn’t mind us leaving a bunch of blood on stage.

That show came from a visit to Denver I made in December for Denver Black Sky 4. While I was there I had a few conversations, one thing lead to another, the blood sacrifice was made, and next thing you know we’re playing 2/20 at the Gothic Theater.

“In the Woods There is No Law” was fucking cool, when are we going to get another taste of the Axeslasher’s axe?

I am constantly writing new ‘Slasher. I’m extremely picky about what makes it out of the funny farm. One thing I’ve always hated is bands that turn away from their original feeling as they age. There is a very specific feeling I am looking for from a finished Axeslasher song, and it’s hard to put into words. Right now I’m sitting on a graveyard of riffs that are training to become strong enough to see the light of day.

Last Axeslasher question. Who makes the best bootleg pizzagrams? I gotta talk to them about a white Axeslasher shirt idea I’d like copied.

Got you covered: https://www.indiemerch.com/axeslasher/item/43959

What was some of your favorite music from 2016? Blood Incantation one of them? Those fucking guys did Colorado good this year in metal and Dark Descent deserves some props for making sure nobody forgot it.

I wholeheartedly agree Dark Descent deserves major props. They do a great job.

Bloodstrike is pretty rad. Total Entombed worship mixed and mastered by the hardest workin’ man in death metal, Patrick Bruss. Patrick also mixes our songs and releases his own music as the mighty CRYPTICUS.

Call of the Void‘s ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? is the perfect soundtrack for year and the current state of American affairs. Highly recommended.

What are you looking forward to listening to in 2017, so far? Any shows coming that Professor Pizza says “you gotta see it?”

The only must-see show in my mind is Denver Black Sky 5.

The Caveman red ale, I believe, was in the green room at Denver Black Sky 3. That was damn good for a free keg. Thanks for getting me access to that and a nice view of Havok and Pig Destroyer, BTW. What kind of beer do you like to drink at shows?

No problem; thanks for coming.

I’m actually not a drinker. I gave it up back in 2009. Got tired of waking up and having to apologize all the time! I am, however, a big fan of Cannabis. And Denver’s got some great Cannabis.

I’d love to see something like Kief Cola (Denver Cannabis Drink Brand) become an option at shows and bars. I hear Denver is actually experimenting with public cannabis consumption and I look forward to the results.

Living outside Colorado in Cali, what is your view on the craft beer industry? Both have more than their fair share of breweries and beer scene.

Craft beer scene is big here, but to be honest, they all lust after shit created in Denver. Denver is still the king. Drunktown USA #1.

What’s your favorite Denver spots for a cold, non-Big Beer brew when you’re in town? What about in Cali?

Black Sky Brewery, Trve Brewing, any Bonnano or Cucci owned restaurant in Denver.

Any other thoughts on craft beers/breweries?

Get in on Cannabis beverages early before Budweiser does.

“Deathgasm” was a fun movie and that had to have been one of those dream come true moments as a fan of horror and metal. If “Deathgasm 2” needs another Axeslasher song, do you give them one you already have, or do you get to work making a new one?

Axelasher returned from the woods in 2015 for Denver Black Sky 3 at the Gothic Theater.
Axelasher returned from the woods in 2015 for Denver Black Sky 3 at the Gothic Theater.

Totally depends on the situation.

If it’s a DIY indie film, I generally license the song to them for free. I love horror and want to see more good horror created so if I can help someone starting out I’m happy to do so.

However, if it’s a big studio and they want something written specifically for the soundtrack, we’re gonna have to talk contracts and points.

“Deathgasm” was awesome because the director, Jason Lei Howden was a fan. He reached out directly and requested use of “Mark of the Pizzagram.” He sent me a treatment, I loved it, and we were off to the races.

What’s some of the most recent horror/cult movies you’ve watched? Doesn’t have to be a new release or a brand new to you movie. Any thoughts, commentary on them? Last week, I introduced a friend who also grew up on horror, Cannon flicks and MST3K, to “Halloween 3.” He’d never seen it because Michael Myers wasn’t in it and what ’90s kid wanted to watch a Halloween movie without Mikey?

“Halloween 3” is a recent discovery of mine as well. About 3 years ago I finally gave in and watched it. I felt very strongly about hating on any Halloween movie without The Shape in it. To my surprise, I loved it!

A similar easing of young hatred for me has been “Friday the 13th V: A New Beginning.” I always skipped it during my marathons because it doesn’t star Jason (except for the flashbacks) and totally skipped how sleazy and awesome it is. Now I want a Roy mask.

Growing up, there had to have been shit your folks didn’t want you watching. What was your favorite “you’re not supposed to watch this” movie? I doubt my folks wanted me watching any of it, but I was quiet and into late night weekend TV with Joe Bob Briggs.

Joe Bob’s marathons got me into Friday the 13th. My parents didn’t want me watching horror but were pretty negligent/selective in their enforcement. There was a very strong ignorance-is-bliss vibe around the whole thing for them my whole life. I’d sneak off into the basement on any Friday the 13th and just suck in as many movies as possible. All hosted by friendly Joe Bob giving me an accurate count of how many boobs I’m missing out on by watching it on TV.

My favorite turn about this is when I was older, my parents would occasionally venture into my DVD collection to watch something when they were bored and they didn’t think I was around. I’m not sure how long they did this, but I know when they stopped: I came home one day and my copy of “Last House on the Left” was on the kitchen table. My mother told me that the movie should have a giant warning on it for being so disturbing.

Thanks again to Professor Pizza from Axeslasher for taking the time to do this. Go see them with Denver’s Necropanther as they open the Gothic Theater Monday, February 20 for Nile and Overkill.16388444_1296650347064018_1777746871617482478_n