Smoked Imperial Porter

Left Hand Brewing Company (Longmont, CO)

8.8% ABV

Kvlt Rating: 3.5/5

Craft beer is always down for some more obscure causes, Left Hand Brewing Company chose Smokejumpers. The wildfire firefighters that parachute into the middle of natural hell are highlighted in this appropriately smoked beer. Left Hand partnered with the National Smokejumper Association for three events after the release where the proceeds went to a scholarship for the children of smokejumpers killed in action. That is a damn good cause.

To the beer! I didn’t get much smoke on the nose, but it sure as hell was there when it hit the lips. This is a a straight shooting porter otherwise, just dark, roasty and malty. Barely any head to be found on the pour and it was dark. Light? None getting through this one.

Pour one of these if you like smoked beers, a style not uber trendy along the front range. Also think about the smoke jumpers, there’s a group that could deserve a good beer and this Smokejumper imperial porter is a fitting tribute: smoked, dark, higher ABV and entirely deployable from above.

Three jams while drinking Smokejumper:

Iron Reagan – “Dead With My Friends” from Crossover Ministry

The Great Old Ones – “Shadow over Innsmouth” from EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy

Bròn – “Зарђала Круна” from Зарђала Круна