When the sky is blackened and the fires rage. When the hordes have taken to the street to tear each other limb from limb. When the world descends in to utter and total chaos, providing the soundtrack to the end times, perched atop the torso pile as the landscape burns behind them will be Kreator. I just didn’t think it would happen so soon.

I think it’s highly appropriate that during such a tumultuous time Kreator swoops in with their apocalyptic, mass chaos and violence brand of aggressive thrash. The elder statesmen of Teutonic thrash continue their legacy with their fourteenth release Gods of Violence an album that is Kreator doing what they do best: being fucking Kreator.

And that’s exactly what this is. Kreator sticking to their well established formula, well, the sound established with 2001’s Violent Revolution which saw the band melding melodic death metal in with their furious thrash riffing. And that’s fine with me because that’s what I want from Kreator. Insanely catchy, masterful riffs and songs about the end of the fucking world. They also carry over the “raise your fists” mentality and choruses from the previous album Phantom Antichrist, an element that gave them back some of their “punker” elements of old, if that’s even the appropriate term I don’t know. Maybe given the insanely melodic nature of these albums it’s more power metal than anything else.

Regardless, if you’ve been listening to Kreator’s output since the turn of the millennium you’ll know what’s in store for you. It’s Kreator doing Kreator to a fucking T. Just loaded with fucking killer, snarly, angry, world ending thrash made by one of the better bands to attempt such music. The perfect soundtrack for the current times, especially if you’re so fucking pissed off, like a lot of us are.