You need some Morgue Whore. The Denver heavy-death metal trio released their debut album at the beginning of 2016, played some shows and pumped out a new split with Denver’s trio of raw barbarian black fuckin’ metal, Skeið. The Mile High has plenty of albums to come in 2017, Morgue Whore & Skeið scored an opening shot on the year.

The six-track split opens with four badass songs from Morgue Whore that is a sequel to their self-titled debut. Of the four, “Ov Doomed Gods” and “Ritual Dismemberment” go over the best, both off their first album. The heavy metal element within their death-black metal sound really kicks ass, and on “Ov Doomed Gods,” we get a healthy dose of what Morgue Whore does best. “Naakii” is the only new song here, two minutes of thrashy, death metal.

Skeið rounds out the split with two new, raw, unpolished tracks of their loud, chaotic sound. I liked their 2015 debut EP from Nauseating Whiff Records and their drummer, Thomas Horror, is a maniac on bass playing for one of his 40 project bands, like Rasha’im. I dig on demo quality metal and Skeið continues to find a nice niche in there with these two tracks. “Strawdeath” is pretty cool, but I’m loving “Fear the Troll.” I really like the slow pacing of the song and the vocals from Thomas and Max, go nodbang to that shit.

It’s “Name Your Own Price” on Bandcamp, so like I always say, at least go throw them some beer money.

The Morgue Whore/Skeið split is out now from Nauseating Whiff Records. They are also playing a joint show February 3 at Black Sky Brewery to celebrate the split album release.