Yeah, this one is a bit late but if you haven’t heard Call of the Void‘s new album AYFKM you may as well be better late than never.

The intro for “Get in the Van” is three minutes of just heavy shit before Alex Pace opens his mouth and shouts your face off. That track grabs you by the neck and shakes your face. The rest of AYFKM really doesn’t deviate from that.

I’m glad somebody mentioned Call of the Void to me last year when I missed them on my Colorado metal releases. I even wrote a follow up post because Ageless was aggressive and awesome. AYFKM is headlined by the title track, “Are You Fucking Kidding Me” and try shaking this one. It has to play well live, same with “On and On.” Those tracks are ready made to bring a bar down on crowd appeal. Both heavy and catchy as hell.

Go spend some money on their Bandcamp and grind your ears.

Call of the Void’s AYFKM is available now.