Of Feather and Bone is the kind of band I want to listen to if I feel the need to just be yelled at. This is shut the fuck up music. The grind-death-whatever set from Denver is going to crack you across the face with a set of long form grind songs and their newest two-track demo is more of that same good shit.

Sidebar, I love seeing a band release EPs, splits and a debut LP, and then hit everyone with a demo. I don’t know, it’s just funny to me as far as categorizing what a release is goes. The title is also very descriptive: a demo from the year 2016, purposed for promotional uses.

Ok, two-track demo, Of Feather and Bone is going to keep it short and keep it sweet. All I hear once “Pious Abnormality” blows in is just mainlined aggression. A Controlled, loud, chaotic, slow, ear assault led by vocalist and bassist, Alvino Salcedo. I’m bummed that I may have missed them play it at Denver Black Sky, I didn’t get to the show until a band after their set.

The following track, “Resounding from the Depths” is the same, but in reverse order. It’s the slow song, but it isn’t slow because that wouldn’t work here, cause see, this is Of Feather and Bone and Of Feather and Bone doesn’t play doom. It kind of reminds me of “Proclaim to Hate” in pacing from last year’s Embrace the Wretched Flesh.

Feather and Bone
Alvino Salcedo, bassist and vocalist of Of Feather and Bone, holding it down at Denver’s Bluebird Theater in July.

Go see for yourself, Embrace the Wretched Flesh was full of stretched out grind, it was full of hatred and aggression, and was a bright spot in 2015. A CD copy came home with me from a visit to Denver’s Twist and Shout earlier this year, and I finally nabbed a copy of this 2016 Promotional Demo before the Denver Black Sky show last week. I have a cassette player and I’m not opposed to that form of media if I have the means via my 19 year old middle school Kenwood stereo.

BTW, thanks Denver metal scene for giving my cassette deck a reason to live.

Seriously, this demo is a kick in the pants. So get your balls kicked in for $5 or go see them live and let Alvino do it himself. That’s two tracks you’ll play again and again. What the fuck are you waiting for?