A year ago, Denver’s High Demon –a Thomas Horror project, bassist of Rasha’im and Vourdalak– released the first self-titled demo under that banner. What we got was dark, dirty, tortured doom that married some of the pained vocal styles of his other bands to a slow, plodding doom where everything was of his own making under the DIY roof of Nauseating Whiff Records.

Jump to this same point in 2016 and Horror is just about set to release another High Demon demo in November, Necrocosmos. If you haven’t checked out last year’s demo, you should. Necrocosmos is more of a concept in that it focuses on the cosmos and human insignificance, a concept that works well with Horror’s tortured vocals. High Demon’s style here is a slower, dirtier sound, so get filthy.

Naming Denver’s Primitive Man and Finland’s Reverend Bizarre as influences, it’s easy to hear why. I hear a lot of Primitive Man without as much guitar feedback and Reverend Bizarre with a bit more urgency.

So if you like either of those and a demo sound, High Demon might be for you.

Necrocosmos has four tracks and some audio samples of Carl Sagan (Hail Sagan) to complete the conceptual sound. My favorite cuts would be “Nightshore” and “I Return to the Stars …,” the first and last tracks.

High Demon’s Necrocosmos will be available November 5 from Nauseating Whiff Records.