Halloween 3

I’m glad this one is making a comeback as of late. It’s a perfect Halloween movie, a suburb horror flick, and it’s got fucking Tom Atkins and masks that turn children’s heads into piles of snakes and spiders. Right on.


The Fog

Speaking of Tom Atkins, how about him and shit ton of fog? Oozing with atmosphere, this is a slow burn, horror classic. Hello, John Carpenter…


The Thing

Maybe Carpenters masterpiece? And a remake nonetheless. This movie is so claustrophobic and gory, and intense, it’s perfect for the Halloween season. Like being trapped in a haunted house without actually having to go to one.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

I’ll venture the unpopular opinion that this is the best Chainsaw movie. It totally is. Hooper ratcheted up the bizarre humor form the first one, added in a shit ton of gore and wild characters and made a perfect movie. Carnival like lighting, morbid set decorations, and characters made of Halloween costumes.


Phantasm (Any of them)

I think of these really as one long movie as all of them are just as good as the first. The story is so creative. Sci-fi meets horror, meets fantasy? Whatever it is, Phantasm has you covered for the Halloween season.

The Exorcist 3the_exorcist_3

Again, I think this is the best film of this series. Full of intense, amazing performances, honest to god (satan?) scary, moody scenes, weird dialogue, and Brad Doriff’s finest performance. Underrated horror masterpiece.


The Bride of Frankenstein

What’s Halloween without a fucking classic. The bench mark for classic horror movies if you ask me. The movie is perfect in every way.


The Monster Squad

This movie is good anytime of the year but shines particularly bright around Halloween. Made when movies still had balls. Out Stranger Things-ed Stranger Things decades ago.


Trick R Treat

Unabashed Halloween porn. Halloween doesn’t exist like this anywhere, ever, except in the hearts of horror fans, and that’s probably why we love it so much.


Tucker and Dale vs Evil

What’s Halloween without a little levity? Turning the evil redneck horror cliche on it’s head for a barrel of laughs and buckets of blood.


Cabin in the Woods

Speaking of playing with cliches, this flick is a clever dissection of almost all horror tropes.


Return of the Living Dead

The perfect zombie flick. Outrageous, weird characters, hammy acting, gore, awesome zombies, punk rock, 80’s. You can’t beat this flick.


Any Hammer Horror with Christopher Lee/Peter Cushing or both

There’s no bad horror Hammer film if Lee or Cushing are in it. Hammer, masters of gothic horror. So much mood and atmosphere in these, they’re practically a haunted house all on their own.


Night of the Creeps

More Tom Atkins. More ridiculous stories and characters. Somebody should ask the Slither guy how much he loves Night of the Creeps.



Maybe the best horror anthology flick? Stephen King and George Romero? A visual tribute that perfectly captures the ghoulish charm of the best comics ever made, EC horror comics. Also, fucking Tom Atkins as a perfect asshole dad.