Jamaican Me Pumpkin

Rum barrel-aged Imperial Pumpkin Ale
10 Barrel Brewing Co. (Bend, OR)
10% ABV
Kvlt Rating: 4/5

Brewed 2014, Bottled 2015, Released 2016

And its rum barrel-aged, good enough for me and it tastes like it worked out just fine.

If you want a pumpkin ale this fall that doesn’t suck, this one didn’t disappoint. Oregon’s 10 Barrel Brewing let this seasonal sit for a couple years, with only a break to bottle age it for a year. With pumpkin beers making their way into liquor stores, I recommend this one if you like a higher ABV and oaky flavor with rum and pumpkin spice. That last part is the most difficult, flavoring. Usually the pumpkin is overpowering, or should I say the pumpkin spice flavoring.

The rum compliments the spicing, and the maltiness really evens it out. The flavor profile kicks ass for a fall beer. The oaky rum sticks around in the mouth with a light pumpkin spice hit on the backend. That maltiness -along with all the other ingredients and the entire process to get into the glass- gives it a nice amber coloring.

To addess the elephant in the room. Yeah, they are owned by big, bad In-Bev. That makes them not kvlt craft (or is it kraft kvlt?), which is a shame because they’ll always be known as sell-outs and now inferior because of that ownership. You can’t taste In-Bev while drinking this, so quit being a sally and drink this shit.

That In-Bev distribution means you can have one good pumpkin ale this fall while awash in a sea of inferior ones. Quit being kraft kvlt and pour one of these.

Three jams while drinking Jamaican Me Pumpkin:

At the Gates – “Under a Serpent Sun” from Slaughter of the Soul
Death – “Evil Dead” from Scream Bloody Gore
1349 – “Necronatalenheten” from Beyond the Apocalypse