Denver power slop trio, Modok, have teamed up with Colorado Springs’ Alone and put together a split album sure to impress those familiar with each band.

Of the seven tracks on Modok’s half, they put together four new jams and broke out three tracks from their demo, which was released earlier this year. The (quality) repeats are  “Re-Animator,” “Terrifying Light” and “Migration to Decay.”

Nothing wrong with that because those three kick ass and the four new ones are rock solid.

Dumping their namesake all over this, one of three clips opens the A side with super villain M.O.D.O.K. (taken from Marvel’s cartoon series, “Avengers: Assemble”) talking about who he is right before the band jumps into “Graveslave” with a ripper of a riff and headbangable drums. If you like their brand of crust punked death metal, then this track will hook you.

The second track, “Celestial Termination” has gotta be my favorite of the new shit on this split. Picking up where “Graveslave” left off, the punk/metal sound continues on while tastefully slowing it down for the refrain. I think “Celestial Termination” is the shit.

“Gateways to Beyond” is the change of pace track here. Guess who shows up again? M.O.D.O.K. returns to remind us that there is nothing good about being human. The cartoon clips, albeit a bit cheesy, totally work.

After this, we get two tracks from the 2016 demo: “Re-Animator” and “Terrifying Light.” The latter still being my favorite song of theirs so far.

Going heavy before pumping up the jam again is “Black Blade,” the last new track of the split. This one comes complete with a solid closing riff before we get another M.O.D.O.K. clip. The final track, “Migration Decay” is from the previous demo.

As for the Alone side of the split, I’m not familiar with the Colorado Springs sludge band and there were a couple tracks I was into, one of which was “Confined Earth”: sludgy and a bit on the death metal side. The second track, “Death Commodity” I could hear some black metal influenceto in it, which was alright and to a certain degree kind of mixed things up.

“Erotic Dissonance” slows it down and has a seriously “what the fuck” sound clip in the opening that is a real head scratcher. The next two tracks, “Dead Haggard” and “Goiter,” were not highlights to me.

Closing it out by picking up the pace is “Ceaseless Pain” which brought back the death metal sound. I liked the simple up and down guitar work on the backend of the track.

I’d be interested to see more from them than just a single and their half of this split.

Overall, Modok was the selling point for me but Alone’s contribution is not to be ignored. Modok only left a couple physical copies on cassette at Chain Reaction Records, which as of August 19 there were only two left because I grabbed the other one.

If you want a copy, Modok has their half available on Bandcamp as a Name Your Own Price or you can grab a cassette copy during their upcoming tour, which kicks off August 25 at the Flux Capacitor in Colorado Springs.