After getting a healthy taste last year of what Denver’s Blood Incantation had to offer on their debut EP, Interdimensional Extinction, we have finally arrived in August and the release of the death metal band’s debut LP, Starspawn.

I’m not one for much guitar wankery, but if done correctly my ears will smile. The opener “Vitrification of Blood (Part I)” does just that. What a killer opener that crashes through the speakers and pounds the drums straight into your face. It’s also the longest track on the album, which ain’t bad because there’s no wasted time, nor did I get a feeling like I needed them to get on with it. The guitars of Paul Riedl and Morris Kolontyrsky just shred up and down in the best way possible towards the closing. No disjointed Kerry King chaos work here.

“Chaoplasm” is probably my favorite track here. Sometimes you just need some straight forward, no bullshit mid-paced death metal. That’s what you get on “Chaoplasm”: dueling guitars, some tasty bass from Jeff Barrett and very full sounding drums in the Blood Incantation way. Issac Faulk’s drums really are a highlight for me, who also kills it in Colorado black metal standouts, Wayfarer.

Carrying over into “Hidden Species (Vitrification of Blood Part 2)” is more solid death metal. While not as impressive as “Chaoplasm,” “Hidden Species” still kicks ass for close to seven minutes.

Shoe horned in is “Meticulous Soul Devourment,” a solid instrumental track and a good change of pace that didn’t suck.

Closing out the album is the title track that opens and closes with some killer up and down guitar shred. “Starspawn” ties this affair up nicely and is also a bit unusual as I can’t think of too many instances where the title track is at the end of the album.

Preferring the less is more approach on this and their EP, Blood Incantation give us just enough to latch onto and leaving us wanting more. I’ll take five solid tracks over 10 mixed bags. Save it for later and keep putting out the good death metal from the Rockies. I loved their debut EP and Starspawn keeps the ass kicking going.

Blood Incantation’s debut LP is available August 19 from Dark Descent Records … or you can grab a digital copy now on the label’s Bandcamp page.