Smoked Mixed Culture Ale

TRVE Brewing (Denver, CO)

5.3% ABV

Kvlt Rating: 4/5

Among a surplus of new beers released during TRVE Brewing‘s Fourth Bacchanal weekend was an odd duck -as far as their beers go- a smoked mixed culture ale, Dhumavati. Of all the beers I had while there that Friday, Dhumavati was not one of them. A smoked mixed culture ale took a backseat to saisons and sours. But now Dhumavati is in bottles and available to the public for day drinking elsewhere.

With literally nothing else to compare it to, I really dig Dhumavati. I can’t say I’ve had many smoked ales as that isn’t much of trend unless you’ve found your way to Hammerheart Brewing, co-founded by Panopticon’s Cascadian black metal magician, Austin Lunn. They basically do smoked ales only, none of which have touched my lips because Minnesota is a long drive.

Back to Dhumavati, pouring a hazy, pale yellow, the base here is tart and just the right amount of sour, something TRVE has perfected in all their beers: they’re just right. Added into this was a subtle smoky flavor reminiscent of campfire or a black mass bonfire. The smoky subtly is really solid by being just present enough in the smell and finish to not be a turn off and overpower the flavor.

Is it for everyone? Probably not, but you should at least give it a try, and if you dig smoked ales then get on this.

Three jams while drinking Dhumavati:

Blood Incantation – “Chaoplasm” from Starspawn

Ghoul – “From Death to Dust” from We Came for the Dead

Watain – “Satan’s Hunger” from Sworn to the Dark