If you buy a ticket to a show from the guy who is on top of the bill, you sure as hell go. I got a ticket from Helleborus at the Wayfarer/Falls of Rauros show a couple weeks before so I had July 15 reserved for beer drinking and hell raising at the Bluebird Theater.

As far as local shows go, it’s interesting to see where the bands take you and with Helleborus leading the lineup Friday night at the Bluebird, I found myself on Colfax. At the end of a stretch where the Fillmore Auditorium and the Ogden Theater all share the same north side of the most well known street in Colorado is where I found a street parking spot on a Friday night. One thing I always do before a show is hit up the nearest brewery or craft watering hole. Friday was a stop at Cerebral Brewing for an awesome Dark Energie coffee oatmeal stout recommended to me by one of their booze slingers, Ryan. If you’re looking for a coffee stout that is serious about the coffee, Dark Energie has you fucking covered.

The strip club billboard rolls by the Bluebird Theater Friday night where Helleborus and Of Feather and Bone lead a local lineup.

After the pre-game beer it was close to show time and had me headed back to the theater. There was about 30 people in the Bluebird when Scepter of Eligos were lighting their orb and gearing up. I grabbed Black Sky Brewery’s Ritual blue spruce saison they had on for the show and was as impressed with it as I was with Scepter of Eligos.

They opened up to a sparsely populated house excluding staff, luckily people were still coming in as Scepter laid down some deep cords, loud screams and a finisher that was certainly an appropriate closer as the guitarist Andrew made ungodly noise on his guitar which was laid on the ground. Scepter of Eligos closed that shit out.

A couple friends of mine came to the show as well and were all present by the end of that set. I also checked the merch tables and talk briefly with Wyatt Houseman of Helleborus as Belhor was getting ready to provide the affair with the requisite black paint that was going to be lacking from the night if they hadn’t been there to play their take on death-end black metal. I just made that sub-sub-genre up, see what I did there?

I caught Belhor when they opened for Widower and their repeat performance for me was not disappointing in the least. Playing a very loud, sort of rotten death and black metal sound, Belhor took the stage and put boots to asses and hate into our hearts. I won’t get sick of “I Am The Nails.”

Belhor loads out, Of Feather and Bone is next.

I was excited to see these guys because I like their style and enjoyed their debut album last year, Embrace the Wretched Flesh, which I finally picked up a copy of a few days before the show. Loud, hardcore punk sound infused with a sludge sort of sound. Just angry and raw, Alvino belted it out and laid down some heavy cords with Preston and Dave multiplying the effect. Of Feather and Bone killed mixing in their shorter and longer cuts perfectly before saying “fuck you,” as they walked off.

Feather and Bone
Alvino and Of Feather and Bone played the shit out of their set.

Closing out the night was headlining Helleborus. Houseman has a stage presence to him that really shows urgency as he was in constant motion once the band took the stage. Headbanging his strip mohawk and sounding evil as hell, I waited patiently for the moment he introduced “Edge of Black Waters.” That song rips and he said as much when he said, “I know Denver likes doom.”

Helleborus live
Wyatt Houseman and Helleborus rocked the Bluebird Friday night.

Overall, it was a solid night from a solid lineup where everyone seemed into it. The Ritual from Black Sky was good, at that point there isn’t much to complain about unless a band didn’t have your t-shirt size. I’d say that’s a good night. Good beer, good tunes and good people.