It’s a couple months late now, but here’s my take on Ekelhaft and their debut EP Blood Moon’s Curse.

Ekelhaft, formed from the remains of Nybbas, is a new black metal band from Daemon Black and Abhoth with Lord Grimalkin as the newest addition. If you’re looking for blasphemous metal of the cheap and local variety, these guys are part of a scene brewing in Denver. Though not a part of Nauseating Whiff Record’s growing stable of DIY bands/projects, Ekelhaft fit in quite well otherwise.

Picking up where Nybbas left off, Ekelhaft play raw black metal with the fervor only some devil worshipers could. Leaving no stone uncast, Ekelhaft is the kind of music you want to listen to if you pretty much hate everyone or if you just like modern demo tape black metal. I caught them at Black Sky Brewery last month when they opened for Rasha’im and I was impressed with their set though I did not get a chance to snag a copy of their two new singles, which also came with a patch. That’ll happen if you’re the first person to the merch table before any change for a $20 has arrived.

The EP itself is four tracks clocking in at just over 21 minutes, lead off by “Into Obscurity ov Smokeless Flame” which burns with a killer riff and cuts a path for the second track, “The Blood Moon’s Curse.” This track is where I think the EP hits it’s stride, but the highlight for me is “Destruction of the Kingdom of the Lord.” If you’re looking for a song here that sounds like it really came out of the early ‘90s this one is it – raw, hateful, blasphemous as hell, fast and a head nodding closing with plenty of noise on the back-end.

The closing track, “To Salt the Earth” is a solid ending to this quick, wicked affair. The crawling riff that permeates through is familiar but I can’t put my finger on where I think I’ve heard it before.

Ekelhaft’s Blood Moon’s Curse is an EP that is just the right bite-sized amount of Rocky Mountain Black Metal (RMBM, I didn’t coin it, they have it on their shit) and with a Name Your Price on Bandcamp, you’d be foolish to not at least give it a listen and even slide a few bucks Ekelhaft’s way for the gift of profane music.