It’s been four days since the release of Rasha’im’s A Malediction and I’m just now getting around to putting their second demo tape through my ears. First thing about these guys, you gotta appreciate a little thing we call raw black metal.

Now, I’ve heard far worse production and Nauseating Whiff Records prides themselves on being into DIY groups, yet this is still highly listenable, you’re just not going to hear Rasha’im play anyone Dissection level Scandinavian melodic black metal. This is more in the style of the French Les Légions Noires scene of the early-mid ‘90s: quick recording, cheap production, small tape releases, small shows and being whatever they want to be.

Also free digital downloads, which is pretty cool if you’re not into the whole paying people for their work thing.

I certainly enjoyed “World Peace Fallacy” (you’ll still be hearing the refrain once “Corrupted Communion” starts) , “An Execution” and the closer “Ashen Temple” (which is an effective closing track as the drums and guitar carry us out), but the second and third track are the high point of the album, “Corrupted Communion Pt. 1 and Pt. 2”. I enjoyed the rest of the tape and Rasha’im’s general approach to demo tape black metal so far, but these two tracks really do it for me.

Throw in an excerpt from Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, a high riff that connects Pt. 1 and 2, Spectre of Night’s appropriately black metal vocals and you’re in for some solid black metal.

Of the Denver black metal scene, I am really digging Rasha’im the most. I enjoy the hell out of them and this is very listenable, even if you’re turned generally off by demo tape production. I caught them last week at Black Sky Brewery for the tape release show and they kicked ass while bathing the place in Satanic riffs. Order the tape, buy the download, but do check Rasha’im and the new demo.

A Malediction is available now from Nauseating Whiff Records.