In all my excitement for last Friday’s release of new material from Dark Funeral, Drudkh, Candlemass, Cough and others, I came across another recent release from earlier in the week, Pyre, the debut LP for Norway’s Svartelder. I was drawn to the unique cover, which I really dig, and finding out drummer AK-47 from Carpathian Forest was involved didn’t hurt my interest either.

What I came to find was not the usual black metal album. Pyre is as catchy as some nasty Satanic music could be. There is a familiarity in the way it sounds, but at the same time, it sounds original. You have to hear it for yourself, there’s something here that just sounds good without being repetitive. The structure of the songs just flow really well. It’s as if Dimmu Borgir’s lost early sound became the muse for a new black metal band today. The tracks really are catchy sounding and memorable and the repetition isn’t boring in establishing the main riff. The opener “Guds Helvete” will crawl inside your head.

While AK-47 quite easily handles drums, the next standout from this group is the vocalist Doedsadmiral who easily sounds as generic black metal as can be, but is just possessed and vile enough to bring something else on every track. The weird, “new yet unique sound” just continues. You could even call this whole album accessible without meaning any offense. It’s really solid with the capability of crossing lines.

While the rest of the album is good and fits within the narrative of what I’ve been talking about, the final track “Devil Of The Flesh” is my favorite. It’s the longest cut off the album and one that builds throughout and loops back on itself, and I just love the main riff. It’s an easy one to get stuck in your head.

With so many more well-known bands releasing albums in such a short span, give Svartelder’s Pyre a spin on Bandcamp from Dusktone. They are certainly worthy of your attention, I know I wasn’t disappointed.