Recently finding its way into my inbox from one of the members was a demo for his new Colorado black metal project, Vourdalak. I’m always down to stick some new local stuff in the speakers, and I’m certainly down to listen to black metal.

Having heard Fourth Seal and Rasha’im, two groups the members share already, this doesn’t wander far from their body of work: raw demo sound, hypnotic tremolo riffs, lots of percussion, cymbals and pained vocals. But who cares, right? New music is new music and you could always use some more tortured music delivered via headphones.

Two-tracks are found in this offering, “Prayers of a Thousand Knives” and “To Die in the Shrine of the Wolf.” Vourdalak drummer, guitarist and vocalist, Colton Chirila, told me the tracks were born from personal loss and his own battles with depression. If you like local black metal with a distinct Burzum influence, get some Vourdalak.

Vourdalak’s demo Prayers to the Void is available now from Nauseating Whiff Records with the Name Your Price option, so go give them at least a few bucks for the demo.