Aurora Ale

Belgian Blonde Ale

Dry Dock Brewing (Aurora, CO)

4.5% ABV

Kvlt Rating: 3/5

Dry Dock Brewing felt it fitting to brew a Belgian blonde ale and give it the name Aurora Ale in honor of their hometown’s 125th anniversary. I finally got my hands on a bottle after coming across it at one of my nearby liquor stores that is starting to build up it’s craft beer cred with a better selection of not just six-packs, but also their bottle selection.

I’ll admit, I am still not a big fan of Belgian beers but this one is good for the style. They’re just too … Belgian-y. Too light and too little complexity. That being said, I like the very slight addition of sweetness from using beet sugar, a nod to the region’s history of growing beets.

It pours a golden yellow with head that is gone in a flash. It’s clean, refreshing enough and the flavor doesn’t linger. You can taste the hops in it, though it isn’t quite strong. It’s really just smells and tastes of Belgian yeast with that very slight touch of beet sweetness.

If you’re into Belgian ales then take a peek around your local liquor stores or stop into the North or South Dock taprooms to pick up a bomber.

Three jams while drinking Aurora Ale:

Inquisition – “Impaled by the Cryptic Horns of Baphomet” from Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer

Fausttophel – “The Word” from Sancta Simplicitas

Reptilian – “Cede to Celestial Providence” from Perrenial Void Traverse