Vektor‘s new album, Terminal Redux, was one of my most anticipated album releases of this year. I’ve been following the band since their stellar (pun intended) debut Black Future, with all it’s sci-fi themed, thrashy excellence, and their sophomore release Outer Isolation where they took the sound one step further. Outer Isolation had already convinced me that Vektor is not only the most interesting and creative thrash band going now, but maybe one of the best of all time. No other band sounds like Vektor. Well maybe Voivod, who are clearly a huge influence on Vektor, but even then the two bands are distinctly different.

So the bar was raised and expectations were high and Terminal Redux fuck…ing blows them all away.

I wanted to use this post to discuss the bands amazing progression in their song writing, sound, and production. I wanted to discuss the inclusion of clean vocals, female backing vocals, and captivating atmosphere. I wanted to talk about this being the bands first concept album, but all I can do is sit here, jaw-dropped in astonishment at what an absolute thrash masterpiece this band has crafted.

Featuring ridiculously awesome cover art by Adam Burke, the album clocks in at one hour and fourteen minutes and there’s not one minute of filler. It’s just sheer, sci-fi, thrash amazement, riff after riff, minute after minute. I guarantee you’ve never heard a thrash band like this, which is a testament to Vektor’s talent as a band and players, as thrash is one of the more staunch genres of metal and to do something totally unique and original with said genre, is an amazing fete all on it’s own. Not to mention making it fucking shred at the same time.

This one is going to be hard to beat this year.

Terminal Redux is available from Earache Records now.