Releasing a crust punk infused death metal demo back in March, Denver’s Modok play heavy, fast and produce a lot of noise while doing so. This demo reminds me a bit of Darkthrone’s FOAD and I have little doubt the guys of Modok, Dean, Dane and Laddie like that album. All provide vocals, but it’s Dean playing like a madman on the drums, Dane lending the heavy bass and Laddie providing the guitar riffs.

Together they all tear through seven heavy tracks, of which all but one come in under three minutes or less. One of my favorite cuts off this demo is “Terrifying Light” which is actually one of the slowest songs; it’s heavy and has great mid-tempo pacing. The rest of the album is noisy and really fast paced, where the heaviness and speed win out and the vocals are all dirty growls and screams.

Check them out and kick start your neck.

Modok’s demo is available now from Bandcamp.