Greetings, weedians. Today is 4/20 and we all know what that means for those that smoke the devil’s lettuce. While you’re packing bongs, rolling blunts or eating some edibles, put some of these albums on.

Here are my Top 5 4/20 Albums:

# 5

No 4/20 would be complete for me without the one-track classic, Dopesmoker by the one and only Sleep. Though Sleep isn’t a favorite band, this album is still pretty cool. Head off to Nazareth with your bong in hand and let the riffs carry you away.


Taking their namesake from the Electric Wizard album of the same name, Dopethrone is sludgy stoner metal that really hits the spot for me. They’re the right balance of sludge and stoner metal for me and their debut album is just pretty kick ass.


Couldn’t find a full-length stream, but Bongzilla’s Gateway is a heavy album and you can’t deny the badassness of “Greenthumb” and the well chosen samples used on it.



You could make the argument that this is death doom metal and it isn’t stoner music, but myself and others would have to disagree. This trippy death metal album with heavy shades of doom just says “get high” to me.


I love some Electric Wizard and the inclusion of “Drugula” and “Dunwich” seals the deal. This whole album is awesome and one of most favorite of the entire stoner metal sub-genre.