Sour Petite Saison

TRVE Brewing (Denver, CO)

4.7% ABV

Kvlt Rating: 4 out of 5

I don’t get out often for brewery events, but when one of your favorites is releasing a sour saison named after one of the most classic of heavy metal albums, I can try a bit harder to make it. TRVE Brewing put out their Melissa sour petite saison on Saturday and I’m sure it would put a smile on King Diamond’s face. Named after Mercyful Fate’s 1983 classic Melissa, this is a balanced, consistent sour saison through and through that I sampled the day of the release down at TRVE.

I expected more people there, but with it being early on a cold Saturday people may have stayed at home until later, though a few people dropped in just to pick up bottles and leave. They also just had the release of their Buried Sun farmhouse recently. Poured from the bottle, Melissa was a hazy, clear yellow, very unlike the orange it appeared to be in the pictures TRVE posted before the release.


You can smell that it is oak aged, the taste of which is just below the surface, as is the sour tartness. It’s smooth and I could hardly taste the mild sourness except in the finish. Overall, Melissa is a good example of a simple saison that doesn’t try to do too many things except be uncomplicated and refreshing.

Three jams while drinking Melissa:

I don’t remember.

I was talking to a guy next to me about beer, metal and shrooms. I do remember hearing a song from Immortal and one from The Sword.