Polish band Sacrilegium has made an overdue return after 16 years since they last did a split with two other Polish black metal groups, North and Neasit. North is still active, but Neasit ceased releasing new music seven years ago. Now Sacrilegium has returned.

Sacrilegium released, in my opinion, a classic black metal album way back in 1996 with Wicher. Their pagan themed fueled, nature oriented sound was on par especially for a time when the country was still finding it’s footing in the extreme metal genre, particularly where black metal is involved.

A lot has changed in Poland on that front. They produced forward thinking black metal bands and amazing, orthodox oriented bands that are still pushing the genre forward with new blood and ideas (cough, MGLA, cough) and have seen their extreme metal scene expand wildly into all nooks and crannies of the sub-genres. Sacrilegium don’t even skip a fucking beat.

The metal is raw and adventurous. The slightly avant-garde sounds area back in full force which compliment vocalist Nantur Aldaron’s bizarre and torturous wails. There’s songs of sweeping beauty that collide with stark frenzy like the song “Angelus” which is the one of the more powerful songs on the album, but that same juxtaposition is present throughout.

If you haven’t heard Sacrilegium you need to put Wicher in your ears as soon as possible. Then follow it up with this new album. It’s good to see these guys back, still in top form and proving that truly amazing metal is never out dated.

Sacrilegium’s new album, Anima Lucifera, is available now on Bandcamp from Pagan Records.