Did you get enough Vitamin M(etal) for the month of February? You should fix that if you didn’t and here’s my black metal prescription for what came out this month to get you prepared to crush tracks in March, drive your enemies before you and hear the lamentations of their women!


Rotting Christ – Rituals (black metal) GRE

The heathens from Athens have returned and offered us all another wonderful set of black metal jams to headbang too. Remaining consistent as ever (depending how you feel about the backing female vocals and Eastern influences), Rotting Christ’s Rituals is just what we needed: an old guard band, a new album that doesn’t suck and plenty to enjoy until the next one. “Elithe Kyrie” should be a live show staple going forward, that track kills with it’s anthemic, catchy structure. Get it on BANDCAMP.


Hyperion – Seraphical Euphony (melodic black metal) SWE

I already wrote about this one earlier in the month and nothing has changed about how I feel: a potential modern classic. Everything about this album is Grade A and I could not recommend it enough without straining my fingers. Get it on BANDCAMP.


Total Hate – Lifecrusher – Contributions to a World in Ruins (black metal) GER

While they clearly have a very distinct influence by the Scandinavian black metal scene of the ‘90s, this album really says early Gorgoroth to me. Their last two outings have been pretty good, a really good above average black metal sound that could be considered a rip-off of the old sound, but who cares. They play it well. This one I like a bit better. Get it on BANDCAMP.

Until next month.