There’s so much to enjoy within the black metal sub-genre and one aspect that has sort of been missing is a really badass melodic black metal act. Filling that dark, empty void could be Sweden’s Hyperion with their debut album Seraphical Euphony.

Raw and Cascadian black metal (from where I sit) are what’s “in” right now in black metal. I have no complaints about it either, but it has become harder to really separate newer bands with similar sounds. Enter Hyperion who have basically nailed a classic sound with the melodic black metal I -and others- have come to love from Dissection and Emperor, two titans of black metal.

With neither of those groups around any longer, Hyperion could corner the market where a Dimmu Borgir is far too symphonic, commercial and polished for many.

After a good classical intro, no time is wasted letting loose on “Novo Ordo Seclorum” and you can feel that you’re in for a heavy dose of ripping melodic black metal a couple minutes in with a dash of death metal thrown in for good measure. I don’t want to spend too much time doing a back and forth comparison of Hyperion to Dissection, but the title track could have been on either of Dissection’s classic albums Storm of the Light’s Bane or The Somberlain. I hear those albums in “Seraphical Euphony.”

The sound is very textured with six different guys making up the whole of the music. The riffs are furious and benefits from having four guitarists. Anders Peterson’s drumming across eight tracks of beautiful black metal is relentless and really drives it forward. He even did the symphony piece on the intro track … and the album’s keyboards, that’s one busy guy.  Then there is vocalist Harry Lauraéus who has the rapid fire, black metal raspy vocals and screams down. He is more than sufficient for this style of black metal.

Do not sleep on Seraphical Euphony. Hyperion’s debut album is available now from Black Lion Productions with a “Name Your Own Price” as of this writing. Go give them your money!

Favorite Track: “Primal Cosmic Ascendancy”