It’s fitting that this album was released today while we here in Denver are bracing for a heavy winter storm as Fuath‘s first album is a wintery bluster of a love letter to the atmospheric black metal greats.

If you’re not familiar with Fuath, you may be familiar with Scotsman Andy Marshal and his fucking incredible band Saor. His last album as Saor was a phenomenal album, full to the brim with lush, beautiful, Celtic inspired, nature oriented wonderments of black metal (as well as featuring Austin Lunn of Panopticon fame, just fucking killing it on the drums).

Fuath is not like Saor. Andy’s talent shines through of course, but where Saor is warm, Fuath is a cold, blustering, force of nature. Fuath is taking a page from the great atmospheric black metal bands of the past, infusing it with current greats like Vemod or Paysage d’Hiver to create a truly engaging and epic album perfect for the remainder of the winter season. And when all the snow and ice is gone, you’ll still have his insanely talents musical skills to keep you company the rest of the year. This album fucking kills.

Fauth’s I is available now from Neuropa Records.