Fin is a prime example of how much quality metal lays beneath the surface. If only I had discovered this album earlier it would have definitely ended up on my year end list.

This Chicago duo rip through just about an hour of blazing hot and furious black metal that by the time you reach the conclusion you’ll feel pummeled with its sheer tenacity, which is suiting as the bands theme is mostly militaristic. It’s not “war metal” that bands like Revenge tackle so well, as in, it’s musical approach is not as frenzied and chaotic. There’s more of a sense of melody and riffing here than say Revenge, but nonetheless, it captures a war like atmosphere with dare I say, catchy black metal. Maybe not catchy, but infectious for sure.

All of the songs blast right in your face but there are rhythmic changes and tempo shifts in songs that allow you to catch your breath. They’re well positioned as well as fleeting, but those moments are a work of beauty and fully round out the scope of the album.

Put this one on.

Available from Behold Barbarity on StoreEnvy.