Continuing on in my exploration of albums I missed for my 2015 list of Colorado Metal Releases is black metallers, Skeið. Now, I don’t know where the cover art came from, but it’s a cool scene of Vikings in a boat headed for shore, surely into battle. I’m a big fan of the Viking/black metal motif, which has gone together quite well ever since one of my favorite bands, Bathory, created the sub-genre in the late ’80s/early ’90s.

Skeið call their music barbarian black metal from Denver and they now consist of members from Fourth Seal and Rasha’im. Here you will find three tracks of appropriately named black, barbarian brutality.

The demo leads off with “Bearded Axe,” a fast, traditional sounding, raw black metal track. This is my favorite track of the three. Draed’s guitar is just being blistered most of the way through.

“Feast, Then War” is a change in sound, going towards Fourth Seal’s stoner/doom vibe: slow drums, fuzzy riffs. I dig all kinds of metal, so this was ok with me. But it certainly didn’t sound like black metal until halfway into the song.

“Berzerker” is just raw, loud, noisy, fast black metal. If you’re a fan of old black metal demo tapes (like I am), then this is the kind of track you’ll appreciate. “Bearded Axe” and this one fit that bill.

Their self-titled demo is available from Nauseating Whiff Records on their Bandcamp page, for free, so you should at least go kick some beer money their way. Vikings take what they want, but real people have bills to pay.