It was inevitable that I would have some oversights in my Colorado metal release list,  so I’m diving further into an exploration of the local albums I missed from 2015. This is Boulder’s Call of the Void and their almost year old release, Ageless. One word describes this album: aggressive.

I can handle some ‘core-like bands and Call of the Void’s Ageless is ok by me because they don’t fit that mold like you’d expect. From start to finish, expect to just bang your head and windmill until your skull rockets off that stem you call a neck. The album is really aggressive and catchy, even if you’re not into the punk/hardcore sort of stuff, I have no idea how you could sit, arms folded and elitstly stonefaced. Ageless just rocks.

I personally don’t get that typical ‘core vibe from this that most loathe. I hear more thrash, some hardcore, and sludge. It’s a blender of good elements. You’re not going to find any elongated, annoying, breakdown by numbers shit here either. What little breakdowns there are go quick, so you’re not going to hear Call of the Void just hammer the same cords over and over forever.

The track “Black Ice” really got me, the rolling drums and reverb felt right in the intro and I was not disappointed. Like most songs on the album, it’s aggressive, loud and over before you know it.

“Honor Among Thieves” is another good one I really liked.

Overall, I’m just sorry I missed it when I was putting together my Colorado list.

Call of the Void’s Ageless is available from Relapse Records.