2015 lists are still rolling in across the Interweb, but one list I haven’t seen (and should be made) is here! Below you will find (practically) every metal release in 2015 from Colorado metal bands/projects. LPs, EPs, demos, splits and singles … ranked by myself in what was a lengthy, yet fun project. Weedsmokers, there’s doom and stoner bands here. Death metal brutality from the Mile High? YUP. Black metal? There’s some in there. Thrash-punk speed freaks? Colorado had some for you.

If you’re not listed on Metal Archives, I probably missed your album. Also, kudos to everyone who had their music up on Bandcamp. I was honestly surprised how easy it was to find everything without having to go to multiple places to seek it out … but if I had to, I did. So you’re welcome if you’re on this list because I took the time to listen to everyone’s work. BTW, some of you need to step up your social media game, those albums don’t promote themselves.

A lot of kick ass metal from Colorado in 2015. Give them a listen, support the bands by buying their albums and merch on Bandcamp, and go see a show!

  1. Khemmis – Absolution (doom/sludge metal)
  2. Akhlys – The Dreaming I (black metal)
  3. Blood Incantation – Interdimensional Extinction (death metal)
  4. Bloodstrike – In Death We Rot (death metal)
  5. Primitive Man – Home Is Where the Hatred Is EP (sludge metal)
  6. Pile of Priests – Void to Enlightenment (death metal)
  7. Ormstunga – Nefarious Sagas (symphonic black metal)
  8. Satan’s Host – Pre-dating God Part 1 & 2 (heavy metal)
  9. Weapönizer – Gangrene DEMO (black/thrash metal)
  10. Exussum – False God Evolution (death metal)
  11. Skinned – Create Malevolence (brutal death metal)
  12. Eye of Minerva – Blackened Kingdom Forged in Flame (brutal death metal)
  13. Nybbas – Azerate (black metal)
  14. Rasha’im – An Invocation DEMO (black metal)
  15. Dead Temple – Cult of Acid (heavy/doom metal)
  16. Spectral Voice – Necrotic Doom (death/doom metal)
  17. Mons Absconditus – Demo 2015 (atmospheric black metal)
  18. Earth Burnt Black – Under a Dying Sun (progressive doom metal)
  19. Circle of Beings – Silence (pagan black metal)
  20. Belhor – Discordia Concors (black metal)
  21. Battlespawn – Blood on the Asphalt (thrash metal)
  22. Noctcaelador – Caelum EP (post-black metal)
  23. High Demon – High Demon DEMO (stoner metal)
  24. Green Druid – EP (stoner metal)
  25. Midgard – We Are the Destroyer (melodic death metal)
  26. Gomorrah – Gomorrah DEMO (thrash metal)
  27. Matriarch – Magnumus: The 44th Scribe and Lorde of The Hallucinauts (drone/doom metal)
  28. Mourned by Flies – Far Beyond the Grave (melodic death metal)
  29. Earthen Tongue – Deviant Burial EP (doom/black metal)
  30. Njiqahdda – Life Will Always Go On (ambient black metal)
  31. Jason’s Descent – Jason’s Descent (groove metal)
  32. Fubar – Wandering the Wastes (punk/thrash metal)
  33. Bladecatcher – Obverse EP (death metal)
  34. Deafest – Runoff EP (instrumental black metal)
  35. Deafest – Alpine EP (instrumental black metal)
  36. Cloud Catcher – Enlightened Beyond Existence (heavy/doom metal)
  37. Endlight – The Treacherous Fall (melodic folk death metal)
  38. Akhenaten – Incantations Through the Gate of Irkalla (blackened death metal)
  39. Engage the Hammer – Engage the Hammer EP (punk/thrash metal)
  40. Evergreen Refuge – Earthborn (folk/post black metal)

Honorable mentions (because they were only singles/splits)

  1. In the Company of Serpents – Rendered Unto Ash SINGLE (sludge metal)
  2. Music Distroyer – Splitting the Serpents Tongue SPLIT (black metal)
  3. Primitive Man – Futility SINGLE (sludge metal)
  4. Njiqahdda/Bladecatcher – Njiqahdda/Bladecatcher SPLIT (black metal/death metal)
  5. Oak, Ash & Thorn – Headless SINGLE (pagan/folk metal)
  6. Spectral Voice – (Slowly) Claimed by Oblivion SPLIT (death/doom metal)
  7. Nephrectomy – Pathology of Anomalous Origin SPLIT (brutal death metal-grindcore)

Let me know if I missed anything and what your thoughts are. Lots of great metal came out of the Mile High this year and you should be listening to it.