Needing an injection of new blood into my holiday horror viewing, my fingers stumbled across “Treevenge.” This award winning horror short is seven-years-old now and I had never heard of it until last night. Willing to gamble 16 minutes on YouTube, I was not disappointed at all in director Jason Eisner’s (“Hobo with a Shotgun”) pine tree Christmas carnage.

Rewind to 2008, Eisner and “Treevenge” producer Rob Cotterill had just won the SXSW Grindhouse trailer competition with their “Hobo with a Shotgun” entry. Eisner would go on to direct the feature length of “Hobo,” but first he would crank out another camp-horror gem, “Treevenge.”

The short opens up with a forest as the theme from “Cannibal Holocaust” plays right before Christmas tree harvesters come marching into the forest with chainsaws and axes, feverishly cutting down the terrified trees, who talk through subtitles. Well, they also make noises that sound like a cross between a Gremlin and an Ewok. I think the audience are the only ones who can hear that though as the people in the film are oblivious to the screaming (subtitles) of the trees as they’re hacked up and abused before being dumped into tree lots for Christmas.

On the way to the lot, one tree loses it and the others plot revenge. Fast forward to Christmas Day, the trees have had enough after being planted in living rooms, forced to hear Christmas tunes and then ultimately humiliated by being decorated. After the presents are unwrapped, the trees strike back.

The trees brutalize the humans in some really entertaining and campy ways. There’s lots of blood and gore, just in time for the holidays. This short doesn’t disappoint.

This Christmas, the trees will deck the halls with bowls of humans.

The take away?  Buy fake Christmas trees.

Here’s the short in it’s entirety, enjoy.